UKOUG 2007 Blogger Meetup : Pitcher & Piano, Brindley Place, 8pm on Monday 3rd Dec

November 20th, 2007 by

Hot on the heels of the OOW 2007 Blogger Meetup, we’re organizing something similar for the UKOUG Conference in Birmingham. It’s on Monday, 3rd December at 8pm in the Pitcher & Piano, The Water’s Edge, Brindley Place (just across the bridge from the ICC), and the UKOUG have kindly offered to sponsor the event.

There’ll be drinks and nibbles (at least until the bar tab runs out – at OOW it took us three hours to finish off the bar tab, I’m hoping for a better show from the UK contingent) and with a bit of luck all the old names and a few new ones should be there. Who knows, even the boys might make an appearance…

As usual, if you’re interested in coming leave a note in the article comments. Whichever way, all bloggers are welcome and there’ll probably be other events going on as well, so it’s a good chance to mingle. See you all in a couple of weeks’ time.


  1. Dimitri Gielis Says:

    Hi Mark,

    I won’t make it for the Blogger Meetup…
    I had to change my schedule and will only be at UKOUG on Wednesday and Thursday.

    Enjoy and hi to everybody!

    See you soon,

  2. TongucY Says:

    I will do my best not to miss this one :)

  3. The Boys and Polly Says:

    Derek Junior and The Dog flew to San Francisco in a cargo hold to make their appearance at the Blogger Meet-up, only to find that they never left the hotel room all week. It wasn’t even a great hotel. Then they flew back.

    We’ll have to think about it.

  4. Roel Says:

    Hi Mark,

    Count me in!

    CU there

  5. Tim Hall Says:

    I’m there dude!



  6. Niall Litchfield Says:

    I’ll be there.

  7. Borkur Steingrimsson Says:

    Mark, I will surely be there. I will just have to drink Dimitri’s beer as well! :)

  8. Peter Scott Says:

    I’ll be there – and the pub is less far than last year’s one so I shouldn’t get lost this time :-)

    By better show do you mean finish the tab more quickly or slower that at OOW?

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  10. Alex Gorbachev Says:

    Can’t wait for the pints…

  11. Dominic Brooks Says:

    Sounds great. See you there.

  12. peter robson Says:

    Yeah, another imbiber heading that way. Now some suggestions:

    1 – sweepstake on how long the tab lasts (my vote is for 3.5 hours)
    2 – bring all your pals to keep the boys company after being sujected to a cold hold for so long (brute, Doug…)!


  13. Doug Burns Says:

    Show us your blog, Robson!

  14. APC Says:

    Hi Mark

    You really are tireless. I’ll be there.

    Cheers, APC

    P.S. Is the UKOUG tab on a par with OOW (adjusted for exchange rates)? Otherwise it wouldn’t be fair to compare the raw tab elapsed timings.

  15. David Roberts Says:

    There isn’t any minimum blog rate required is there?


  16. Mark Rittman Says:

    @David – no, just come along, it’ll be good to see you there.

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  18. John Scott Says:

    I’ll try and get there too….at least this time I won’t have the excuse of ‘jetlag’ for missing a meetup!


  19. David Haimes Says:

    I won’t be there but my extensive experience of drinking on both sides of the pond tell me the bar tab will not last even close to the OOW 3 hours

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  21. Donnie Reynolds Says:

    I’ll be there.

  22. Donnie Reynolds Says:

    Nice party, met lot’s of great people. Sorry I didn’t find you to say hello.

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