Being Flexible

October 18th, 2008 by

One of the things I really love about working with the team here at Rittman Mead is how we can offer our clients a flexible service, I guess this flexibility must be appreciated by our customers as we have just won the UKOUG Business Intelligence Partner of the Year award.

The past week I have been with a customer delivering a mixture of training and best practice advice. The training was based on my data warehouse design course, but heavily customised to fit their specific needs, and with complete new sections to look at data quality strategies and some specific approaches to managing a major BI development project. In reality, I guess that 40% of the material I presented came from existing Rittman Mead courses and the rest I created to fit the customer’s needs. I think this is a good way to work – I had always intended to write more extensively on data quality and the new slide set will be a useful add-in to our other training materials – and, of course, the customer gets the course they want.  I will write about some of the data quality issues we discussed in a future posting, a lot of this will be highly relevant to most BI / DW owners.

Next week I am working on some course customisations for another customer and then joining the others at our first ever Oracle BI Training Days – I have been working on this project for quite a while now and am really looking forward to seeing the fruits of our work. The whole team have put in a lot of effort; it should be a good event!


  1. Steve Tuck Says:

    Great post. I strongly agree with your philosophy of being flexible and tailoring things to meet the specific needs of your clients. I’m also looking forward to reading more about the data quality issues you find with your clients.

    Accurate, accessible data is critical to the success of Business Intelligence and BI professionals are also well placed to help assure data quality for the entire organisation. Good data quality starts with an understanding the current situation and the costs to the business of inadequate or fragmented information. This knowledge enables the enterprise to take action to control, improve and protect the quality of data, its most valuable asset.

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