OBIEE SampleApp Now Available for Download

July 21st, 2011 by

A few weeks ago I posted a preview of the new version of the OBIEE 11g Sample App, and I’m pleased to see now that it’s now available for download on OTN.

This is a pretty useful release as not only are the install files available, but there’s also a downloadable VirtualBox image, complete with a full installation of OBIEE, Essbase, TimesTen and so on. I’ve been using a preview copy more or less every day since it became available, and the pre-installed VirtualBox image is particularly useful if you’re looking to investigate Essbase integration, integration with TimesTen, integration with Web Services and so on. I’ve been using it extensively for demos, and to investigate some of the repository modeling, reporting and other best-practice features that Philippe Lions and his team have been putting together.

Some of the highlights of this updated SampleApp from my perspective include:

  1. Some excellent “field examples” of actions in real-world use; for calling Essbase calc scripts and writebacks, for example, and for annotating analyses
  2. Examples of Essbase calculations, plus a Answers analysis in the style of a P&L report – I’ll have to reverse-engineer how they’ve done that…
  3. Examples of Oracle OLAP and TimesTen use
  4. Some excellent repository modeling examples, including horizontal and vertical federation
  5. Examples of visualization techniques such as spark line charts, and use of Google Maps

The VirtualBox image runs on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5, and you need around 25GB of space for the download, about the same again after the OVF import, and then a minimum of 3GB of RAM on your laptop or server (4GB if you want to use Essbase). I’ve got a copy running now on my home network, on a spare server, and I use it all of the time for reference purposes and for doing demos where I want to show off all of the features. I’ve also been digging into the various Action Framework examples this week, for example, to do some R&D and experimentation for the book.
Finally, there’s also some mobile themes that you can use for dashboards, if you’re looking to do an iPad demo.

Anyway, the product download page is here, and it’s available for download now. Check out the Vlamis blog as well, as Chris and Dan will be posting some content around the OLAP and mapping examples in the next day or so.


  1. Pete Says:

    How did you get the % to display next to the base measures in the P&L?

  2. MNahesh Says:

    I never managed to download the installation files from source code? Did anybody tried that?

  3. Miguel Escaja Says:

    You’re not the only one who’ve found issues with the source code.

    I have managed to download the three zip files but got issues when unzipping them to a local drive.

  4. Venas Says:


    Could you please guide me SampleApp ODI installation and Configuration steps?

    I seen deployement guide for ODI Repository. i didn’t find ODI RPD backup in Oracle VM.

    Please help me how to configure ODI repository for SampleApp applications.


  5. Michael Says:

    I’m having trouble unzipping the .001 file after retrieving it directly (via browser) from the site. Looks like the FTP approach doesn’t work anymore, either.

    Any suggestions? Anyone have this issue and manage to work around it?

    Thanks, -mike.

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