HFM – New Features: Part – 1

May 15th, 2012 by

UI Enhancements:

The new User Interface for HFM is definitely a notable update when compared to the earlier version.  It is easier to navigate and includes some special features as well. This is an outcome of migrating EPM components like HFM and Planning to Oracle’s ADF (Application Development Framework).

Let’s take a look at all these UI enhancements –

Multiple applications in Workspace:

Different HFM applications can be opened at the same time.

Multiple modules in an application:

Different HFM application modules in each application can be opened simultaneously.

POV enhancements:

There are significant changes to the way we select dimensions to Rows and Columns. We can relate this approach to Hyperion Financial Reporting wherein we ‘drag and drop’ dimensions to Rows and Columns in dimension layout. This approach is simpler and made common to both data grids and data forms. We can also add dimensions manually in data forms.

Data grid enhancements:

Again, we can relate the creation of data grids to how we create the reports in Financial Reporting. In HFR, we create/design the report and run the report to view it. Similarly, we have Grid designer and Grid Viewer in data grids.

Grid Designer



Grid Viewer


Display options were docked to the right hand side thus decreasing the time wasted on navigation.

Another new feature is the indication of cell colors at the bottom of the Grid Viewer. This will be very helpful to the business users and they don’t need to reach support or documentation to understand the Cell Colors.

Data form enhancements:

Member selection process is pretty much similar to what we do in data grids. And there exists designer and viewer in data forms too. Export to/Import from Excel options were disabled.



Favorite members in Member selection:

Frequently used members can be selected and saved as favorites. These are available across other modules of the application as well.

Loads and Extracts page:

Load and Extract tasks like Security, Metadata, Member Lists and Rules are consolidated in one single page.

Journals Module Enhancements:

Journal tasks functionality is pretty much same but with major changes in UI again. Journal reports module exists both as a separate task and as a part of Manage Journals (opens in a new window when clicked).

Intercompany transactions module is not available and will be included in the upcoming patch – It might take some time for the old version users to get used to navigating the new interface. Hope we can leverage from these ADF features. There are other enhancements to the HFM Win 32 client and Custom dimension configuration, which will be covered in a different post.

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  1. Henri Vilminko Says:

    Thanks for this useful recap!

    I think this information in worth noting (from the HFM Readme file):

    Features Disabled for this Release

    These features have been disabled for this release due to known issues stated below. These features will be re-enabled in the upcoming PSU Release

    - 13738633 – The Equity Pickup features are disabled for this release and will be fixed in Release
    - 13738640 – The Intercompany Transaction features are disabled for this release and will be fixed in Release
    - 13738629 – The Taskflow feature does not work for applications with extended dimensions, however, it works for applications with four custom dimensions. This feature will be available in Release

  2. Prasad Says:

    Very good article. The explanation is crisp and screenshots are very clear.

  3. Tamali Basak Says:

    It’s awesome. Very good and useful document. The crisp writing and screenshots are very useful to understand the features clearly.

  4. Werner Says:

    Awesome, thanks for the effort. Especially valuable since the Hyperion manuals have no screen prints. Thanks for the education.

  5. shweta Says:

    Really useful for User and Hyperion Developers too and especially when you really want the quick and crisp information.
    Thank again

  6. Srini Says:

    Awesome, thanks for the education

  7. Himanshu Says:

    Really Useful to get a quick overview of new features.

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