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November 13th, 2012 by

Just a quick update on my two recently published books, “Oracle Business Intelligence Developers Guide” and “Oracle Exalytics Revealed”, both of which are now published and available to purchase around the world in printed and electronic format. Here are some links to the two books on Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Google Play and the Apple iTunes Store.


The main Oracle Business Intelligence 11g book has had some great, five-star reviews on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk, with comments such as:

  • “To put it straight: Many years will pass before we will witness another masterpiece like this. This book is epic and a total MUST for anyone who works with OBIEE 11g” (5-star review on Amazon.co.uk)
  • “It has has taken a long time for a good OBIEE 11 book to come out, but well worth the wait. This is not just a “warmed over” documentation book, this book has “Meat” and is a must buy for all OBIEE 11g developers. This is one book that covers it all” (5-Star Review on Amazon.com)
  • “Although it is applicable to all developers, the people who would benefit most from this book are 1) developers who new or relatively new to Oracle BI 2) developers who are are experienced with 10g and are looking to upgrade to 11g and 3) developers experienced in one or two areas (such as dashboards) and are now looking to expand their knowledge. It would also be useful to team members such as Tech Team Leads, Solution Architects and Operations staff who are not full-time Oracle BI developers but who still need to understand the concepts and “lingo”” (5-Star Review on Amazon.com)
  • “If you’ve followed OBIEE during it’s evolution from Siebel to Oracle, then you have indubitably heard of Mark, and have likely read something he’s written: a blog, a magazine article, etc. Therefore, you know there is no better source in the world for a book on this subject.” (5-Star Review on Amazon.com)

I’ve also recorded a podcast about the book with Oracle’s VP in charge of Oracle Business Intelligence product management, Paul Rodwick, which can be accessed in MP3 format from here. In the podcast we talk about how I ended up writing the book, my favourite chapters and why I chose Oracle Business Intelligence 11g to write about – it’s about 10 minutes in length and available for download now.

I’d encourage you particularly to take a look at the standalone “Oracle Exalytics Revealed” ebook in Kindle and Apple iBooks format – this was an experiment by McGraw Hill (Oracle Press) and myself to see if shorter, focused ebooks might be popular – we’ve taken the existing Exalytics chapter from the main book (which was based on the initial release) and then extended it, covering BP1 and adding additional content around testing approaches, management using Integrated Lights-Out Management, and the new Presentation Server features aimed at Exalytics that became available with the BP1 patchset (trellis charts etc). The Exalytics book is only $9.99 and  is a great complement to the main book, or just something you’d buy if you’re contemplating buying an Exalytics server. Here’s a couple of review comments also from Amazon.


  • “Nowhere will you find a more comprehensive look at Oracle Exalytics from start to finish than in this book … extremely thorough and easy to follow … and I find this narrative incredibly useful to explore the product.”(5-Star Review on Amazon.com)
  • “The book … delivers what it promises on its title, a thorough review on the most important aspects of this engineered system created by Oracle. Either if you are working with Exalytics or if you are going to do an implementation in the near future, you should have this book around as it’s packed with valuable information in a much easy way to digest than the official Exalytics Documentation” (5-Star Review on Amazon.co.uk)

The sample data for the main book is also now available from the Oracle Press / McGraw Hill website along with a sample chapter, whilst Amazon and Apple also offer sample pages from the book if you want to try it out electronically.

Finally, a bit more news about out training courses – going forward, we’ll be giving away a copy of the book to every attendee of our OBIEE 11g courses in the UK, USA and India, and to clients who hire us to deliver training for their team on-site in their offices. Full details of our training courses can be found on our Training page, with the key benefit to trainees being that the examples in the book are based around the same ones we used for our OBIEE 11g hands-on labs, so you’ll be able to read-up on areas you’re particularly interested in after the course finishes, and practice the examples using the downloadable sample data that comes with the book.


  1. Mark Frye Says:

    I just purchased your developer’s guide. Why does the sample data Create_Schemas.sql include the command “alter user system identified by password;”? Sorry but not clear to me why the system password would be changed.
    Thank you for the book and your response.

  2. Mark Rittman Says:

    Mark – well spotted, I think this must have been left in the script from when we used it for setting up our training courses.

    I’ve removed that line from the script now (as it wasn’t necessary, as you pointed out) and resubmitted it to the publishers, to replace the current version on their website.


  3. Ronny Says:

    Hi Mark,
    Is this book available in India?
    Please let me know.

  4. Ram Says:

    Hi Mark,

    I am impressed by the book. You talked about “Installing the Microsoft Loopback Adapter with Microsoft Windows Server 2003″

    What will be the steps to do the same on Windows 7?

    Are we able to install on Laptop with win 7?

    Thanks in advance.

  5. Mark Rittman Says:

    @Ronny – I don’t know I’m afraid, this is down to the publishers, McGraw Hill. Their India web page doesn’t list the book yet:


    but presumably it’ll be out in India soon. Otherwise, it can of course be ordered from Amazon internationally.

    thanks, Mark

  6. Mark Rittman Says:

    Hi Ram,

    I don’t believe Windows 7 is officially supported as an OS for OBIEE 11g; anecdotally it works, but you may hit issues and it depends on which Windows 7 version you run (Professional and Ultimate are the ones that work, so I’ve heard).

    For installing the Loopback Adapter, do a quick Google search for “Windows 7 loopback adapter” – there’s pages of links on how to set this up, it’s fairly well documented.

    regards, Mark

  7. Mark Says:

    Masterful, sir!! I just received my copy from Amazon last week, and it’s impressive. I think I’ll need to buy the Kindle version though. 1000 pages is a bit cumbersome in the laptop bag!

    Lots of information about things that have been troublesome in the past, such as merging and patching repositories. A really excellent job.

    Typo on page 894, first bullet point near the bottom of the page: refers to WSLT instead of WLST.

  8. Hari Prasad Says:

    Dear M R,

    Eagerly waiting for your book in India. Hope I can get a copy from my US friends.

    One question for you and all the one involved here, though.

    I keep this question open for discussion among all of you.

    Requirement is to eliminate the dependency between Admin server and OBIEE server in 11g.

    Goal to achieve is, even when admin server is down I must be able to resume login and other operations normally in BI Components in managed server.

    Hope question is very clear.

    We will focus on following questions:

    1.How to do it? Any pointers.
    2.Consider, we figured out how to do it. Then also, If we should not do it, why should not we?

  9. Hari Prasad Says:

    Just to make clear about topology, this is not admin server fail over topology I am talking about! Requirement is strange, indeed. I am not aware of any such configurations. Any one here? Is it recommended, first of all?

  10. Sunil Says:

    Hi Friends,

    Now this Book is available in India, in Fipkart and bookadda. I got it from flipkart. Thanks Mark for this book.


  11. Stephan Reyher Says:

    Mark, congratulations for this valuable book. One question: in the Chapter 12 on Exalytics a repository file “GCBC Repository – Simple for Summary Advisor.rpd” is mentioned. However, I could not find it in the Sample data that are provided. Is it possible to get the rpd file?
    Thanks in advance and kind regards,
    Stephan Reyher

  12. Mark Rittman Says:

    Hi Stephen,

    Apologies for that, you’re right, it’s missing. I’ve uploaded it here though:


    regards, Mark

  13. Naresh Says:

    Hi Mark,

    Could please let me know the password for the GCBC_Repository you have provided in the link

  14. Mark Rittman Says:

    Hi Naresh – it’s “welcome1″.


  15. Naresh Says:

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your kind reply. Mark, I am trying to implement a workaround which was posted in the blog i.e. on Ragged & Skipped Hierarchy. But Unfortunately, I don’t have the SQL scripts for GCBC_Sales Schema to copy to my local machine. So, Could you please let me the link where I can found the SQL scripts for GCBC_SALES.


  16. Naresh Says:

    Hi Mark,

    Could you please let me know about GCBC_SALES Schema as mentioned in my previous comment.

  17. Mark Says:

    Hi Naresh – the sample data download for the book is on the McGraw Hill website, at http://www.mhprofessional.com/downloads/products/0071798749/0071798749_data.zip

  18. Naresh Says:

    Thank You Mark for your kind reply.

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