New OTN Article: Installing and Configuring Oracle BI Apps

August 19th, 2013 by

A few months ago I posted a series of articles on our blog about the new release of the BI Applications, focusing on the new ODI 11g-based architecture and its supporting utilities. At the same time, Accenture’s Kevin McGinley was also investigating and writing about this new release, and co-presented with Oracle’s Florian Schouten on it at this year’s BI Forum event in Atlanta. At the time, the three of us agreed that what developers really needed was a step-by-step guide, or “cookbook”, for getting BI Apps up and running in a test environment, as so much of the architecture was new and the official docs covered all eventualities rather than just the steps needed to get a “minimal install” up and running.

Kevin and I therefore went away and put such a guide together, based on a Windows-only (typically VM) environment, using Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.3 as the data source and aiming to get a basic set of data into the BI Apps tables and dashboards. It’s just now been published OTN as “Cookbook: Installing and Configuring Oracle BI Applications″, and whilst It’s by no means an exhaustive guide (ignoring Linux installs for example, or multi-tier installs), it takes you through the download, install, configuration and then load of some basic EBS data into the BI Apps data warehouse. For anyone who’s interested, I put the architecture and install piece together, with Kevin then tackling the part around system configuration and the initial data load. Hopefully it’ll give readers a head-start in pulling a BI Apps system together, show you how the ODI part works, and see how Informatica and the DAC are replaced by ODI and some web-based configuration tools.


Finally, as we put the article together around the time of ODTUG KScope’13, Rittman Mead and Accenture decided to donate the article fee to ODTUG’s chosen KScope’13 charity – Wine to Water, a 501(c)(3) non-profit aid organization focused on providing clean water to needy people around the world. If you were lucky enough to be at KScope’13 you’ll probably know all about Wine to Water, but if not, full details on the excellent work they do can be found on their website.


  1. Muneer Says:

    Hi Mark,

    Are you aware / had any joy with the whole BI Excel 2007 file long download time issue?

    The release now gives a compressed file, but a 3000 row 50 column report takes 12 minutes to download… Oracle says – export as CSV and then into .xls….but people who have KFFS with leading zeros or defaults of “0000” have a problem – they cant expect senior mgt to spend time doinig this two level export….this is frankly getting to be an embarrasment for the product. Great reports but cant export to bloody excel properly in a reasonably sized file in a reasonable period…!

    Any insight into why this is taking so long for Oracle to fix..deeply appreciated!


  2. Christian S. Says:


    Great job on the article fellas. It’s just the right level of detail.

    Also, kudos for donating the article proceeds to charity. It is definitely one that is worthwhile. As is the work you’ve done here.

  3. Ahsan Shah Says:

    Great article..we need more like this versus having to go through multiple guides for installs! I am currently trying to do this on OEL6 currently with EBS Vision. One part of the article still shows DB version pre-req as…I assume this should be correct?

  4. Jorge Anicama Says:

    Indeed, great article. Thought to do this but you guys got ahead of me.

  5. Greg Rakers Says:

    Great article gents! Really helpful! Few remarks:
    – Step 6: typo in c:\Middleware\Oracle_BI1\\tools\bin\apply_patches_import.txt
    – Step 9: first wlst.cmd command is not working for me (running the Python file. But also the layout could be confusing since this is one command. On the site it looks like two commands)
    – Step 9 Load Plan Generator: unzip …


  6. Mitra Says:

    Hello Mark,
    A great article. Cookbook gave us a good idea to get started with the Configuration, Domain Loads, the FSM Setup, and Full Loads. We tried it all for Financial Analytics. However, is it possible to have 2 11i instances, and one R12 re-implemented instance, and we have 3 Different COA for each instance. In this scenario, is it possible to point to these multiple sources and pull in the data into the same target DW?

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