The fourth annual Rittman Mead BI Forum is running in May 2012, and this year is running on consecutive weeks in Brighton, UK and Atlanta, GA. Aimed at advanced-level Oracle BI (OBIEE), Oracle data warehousing and Oracle EPM developers, this is unique opportunity to hear the best presenters, discuss the hot topics, and network with your peers in the Oracle BI&DW industry. Running over four days, with an optional masterclass on the first day, two days of the main conference, and a free, joint event with Oracle BI product development on the final day, this is an event not to be missed by any serious Oracle BI, DW and EPM developer.

Update 11th April 2012: Please note that we have now reached capacity on the Friday BI NDA Developer Days at both events. Therefore, whilst the main conference event and masterclass is still open for registration, no further bookings can be taken for the Friday BI Developer days

The BI Forum is unlike any other Oracle BI event, in that:

  • Its focus is OBIEE, and related technologies (Essbase, OWB/ODI etc)
  • It’s run by Oracle BI&DW enthusiasts, for Oracle BI&DW enthusiasts
  • It’s aimed at an intermediate-to-experienced level audience who already know the basics
  • All presentations will be either technical or methodology, with no marketing “fluff”
  • Numbers attending are limited to 70 (UK) and 60 (US), with a single stream, giving us the ability to focus the event on just the one topic and with a lot of audience interaction.

This year, the main BI Forum event will run from Tuesday to Thursday in each venue, with an additional day on the Friday run in conjunction with Oracle BI product development. Following on from a similar day organized at the end of Oracle Open World last year, developers who can obtain a signed NDA (non-disclosure agreement) provided by Oracle Corporation will be able to attend and participate in a session led by Oracle Product Development, where the future direction of Oracle’s BI tools will be presented and opened-up for discussion. This final day’s event will be free to attend, but spaces are extremely limited and priority will be given to BI Forum attendees. The agenda for the four days at each event will be as follows:

  • Day 1 (Tuesday): Optional OBIEE 11g Masterclass with Kevin McGinley
  • Day 2 (Wednesday): BI Forum Day 1
  • Day 3 (Thursday): BI Forum Day 2
  • Day 4 (Friday): Optional, Free BI Developer (NDA) Day in Conjunction with Oracle BI Product Development

Who Will Be Presenting?

Both the UK and US events will focus on technical and methodology sessions around Oracle BI, DW and EPM. Some sessions will run at both events, whilst others will run in just Brighton or Atlanta. In addition, as well as regular one-hour conference sessions, both events will also feature 10-minute Ignite, and TED-style sessions, adding some variety in terms of topics and presentation types, and allowing us to feature a larger-number of overall speakers

Here’s the current speaker line-up for the two events:

Brighton, Hotel Seattle, May 9th & 10th 2012

Main Conference Presentations:

  • Antony Heljula, Peak Indicators : “OBIEE 11g Security : It’s as easy as 1-2-3!”
  • Ayse Oztop, GTech : “You Can’t Improve What You Don’t Measure”
  • Emiel van Bockel, Centraal Boekhuis : “Go agile all the BI way”
  • Mike Durran & Mark Rittman, Oracle Corporation/Rittman Mead : “Exalytics – All you ever wanted to know”
  • Adam Bloom, Oracle Corporation : “Oracle BI 11g Diagnostics”
  • Michael Wilcke, sumIT AG : “From reports/spreadsheets to OBI”
  • Steve Devine, Hitachi Consulting : “Effective Dashboard Design”
  • Adam Seed, James Coyle, John Holifield, Rittman Mead / Nominet : “BI Reporting Pack in the Real World”
  • Adam Ferarri, Oracle Corporation : “Introducing Endeca Information Discovery”
  • Chris Webb, Crossjoin Consulting : “Introduction to the Microsoft BI Stack from a Microsoft MVP”

10-Minute Ignite-Style Sessions

  • Antony Heljula, Peak Indicators : “Disabling your session logs will make no difference!”
  • Tony Selden, PlayTech (Virtue Fusion) : “Whistlestop tour of a greenfield DW/BI Development (subtitle – when you really don’t need an ETL tool)”
  • Mike Vickers, Rittman Mead : “The Rise of the Data Scientist”
  • Daan Bakboord, Ebicus : “Oracle BI Applications: Can we make it worth the Purchase?”

10-Minute TED-Style Sessions

  • Mike Durran, Oracle Corporation : “Defining Speed of Thought Analytics”
  • Nick Tuson, Oracle Corporation : “Aspects of Multi-Tenancy”
  • Berry van den Heuvel, Centraal Boekhuis : “Just to be sure…”
  • John Minkjan, Ciber : “How to prove that the White Stork really brings the babies!”

Atlanta, 200 Peachtree, May 16th & 17th 2012

Main Conference Presentations:

  • Stewart Bryson, Rittman Mead : “Reporting Against Transactional Schemas with OBIEE 11g”
  • Jordan Meyer, Rittman Mead : “Designing Eye-Catching and Effective Dashboards”
  • Sunil S Ranka, FCS : “Deep Dive in OBIEE 11g Performance Tuning”
  • Jean-Pierre Dijcks, Oracle Corporation : “Big Data Architecture Deep Dive”
  • Chet Justice, : “TheDailyWTF – OBIEE Edition”
  • Ramke Ramakrishnan, MarketSphere : “A Deep Dive into OBIEE 11g Security”
  • Adam Ferarri, Oracle Corporation : “Introducing Endeca Information Discovery”
  • Mark Rittman, Rittman Mead : “Inside Oracle Exalytics and Oracle TimesTen”
  • Tim/Dan Vlamis, Vlamis Software Solutions, Inc. : “Data Visualization in Oracle BI 11g”

10-Minute Ignite-Style Sessions

  • Charles Elliott, Rittman Mead : “Using BI Publisher for Agile Development”
  • Rene Kuipers, VX Company : “Groups, Roles and Issues”
  • Christian Screen, Cap Gemini : “How to Become an Oracle ACE”

10-Minute TED-Style Sessions

  • Stewart Bryson, Rittman Mead : “How to Design a Slow BI System”
  • Mike Vickers, Rittman Mead : “The Rise of the Data Scientist”
  • Christian Screen, Cap Gemini : “Oracle BI & OLAP Data Sources”
  • Dan Vlamis, Vlamis Software Solutions, Inc : “OLAP Is Different From What You Think”

All topics will be at intermediate-to-advanced level, and with an audience limited to 70 (UK) and 60 (US), there will be lots of opportunities for discussion, audience participation and talking with the presenters.

Optional 1-Day OBIEE 11g Masterclass with Kevin McGinley, Accenture

Many of you will know Kevin McGinley from last year’s BI Forum in Atlanta, where he won the best speaker award, and from ODTUG KScope’11 where he won best paper award. We’re delighted to have Kevin present this year’s masterclass, which will run in both Brighton and Atlanta. Here’s Kevin’s description of what he plans to cover:\

“In the BI Forum Masterclass, I plan to spend some time on two areas of OBIEE 11g that I feel could use some more coverage: Action Framework and Scorecard & Strategy Management (OSSM). For the former, I will show some practical use case scenarios for various types of actions and will include the setup required to make them work. With OSSM, I will explore how to make use of this module as part of everyday OBIEE design/development, just like you would Answers or BI Publisher, even if you aren’t embarking on a balanced scorecard initiative. Of course, I also plan to revisit my mobile presentation from last year and discuss how things have evolved over the course of the year and what new developments are taking mobile (and BI) in new directions. I’ll look to tie all of these topics together by going in-depth on customizing the look and feel of OBIEE beyond just the basics.

Following Mark’s direction of including some alternative format presentations in the overall conference, I’ll do the same throughout the day, interspersing shorter talks amongst the more in-depth topics described above. I’m going to keep these topics secret for now, but expect them to range from technical exposés to controversial topics that allow me to hop on a soapbox or wax philosophical. I think the idea for incorporating other sessions styles into the conference is a great one and I look forward to leveraging it throughout the Masterclass.”

The masterclass will run on the day before the main event (Tuesday 8th May for Brighton, Tuesday 15th May for Atlanta), and will run from 10am until 4pm.

New : Optional OBIEE Developer Day, under NDA, with Oracle Product Development

Update 11th April 2012: Please note that we have now reached capacity on the Friday BI NDA Developer Days at both events. Therefore, whilst the main conference event and masterclass is still open for registration, no further bookings can be taken for the Friday BI Developer days

This additional day, to be held on the Friday following the main conference, is organized by Rittman Mead and Oracle BI Product Development, and will require all attendees to have their organizations sign an NDA provided by Oracle Corporation. In this session, members of the product development team will share some of their plans for OBIEE going into the future, demonstrate new and planned features, and invite feedback from attendees. A unique opportunity to see and hear product direction from Oracle’s development team, this event is free to attend for BI Forum attendees.

Opportunities to Network

It won’t all be presentations and technical talk though. The UK event is set in the Hotel Seattle, Brighton Marina, with lots of bars, restaurants, casinos and cinemas on your doorstep. Just down the road is the seaside city of Brighton, with its famous pebble beach and Brighton Pier. The US event is set at the 200 Peachtree dedicated conference venue, with delegates staying at the nearby Ellis Hotel, both in Downtown Atlanta and featuring some great southern hospitality.

On the evening before both events (Tueday night, from 6pm) we’ll be hosting a drinks reception and meal, with an opening keynote by the Oracle Product Development team. We’ll also host a group meal on the second night, and a meal on the Thursday night for those staying for the BI Developer NDA day, giving you opportunities to relax and talk with others in the Oracle BI, DW and EPM industry.

Who Should Attend?

The BI Forum is aimed at experienced developers using Oracle’s next-generation BI tools, specifically OBIEE, ODI EE, Oracle Database and Oracle Fusion Middleware. Sessions will be at intermediate and advanced level, and will have a strong technical focus. If you’re the expert in your company at OBIEE or any of these technologies, and you’re interested in hearing how other experts are getting the most from these tools, this will be the event for you.

What Does It Cost?

  • A 2-day Full Conference Pass at costs £750 + VAT (UK) or £$1100 (US), which is waived or discounted for speakers.
  • Optional two nights (Tuesday, Wednesday) accommodation at the event venue costs £180 + VAT (UK) or $325 (US).
  • The optional one-day OBIEE 11g masterclass with Kevin McGinley costs £250 + VAT (UK) or $450 (US), again which is waived or discounted for speakers
  • The BI Developer NDA Day on the Friday is free, but for those looking to stay overnight on the Thursday night before, accommodation for that night is £90 + VAT (UK) or $150 (US)

Brighton attendees who wish to stay for an extra night, before the Masterclass (night of Monday 7th May) can book direct with the hotel, using a code that we will provide nearer the date, for a discounted rate.

How to Book

Booking can be completed online, using the booking forms below, where you can choose whether to also attend the OBIEE11g Masterclass, indicate whether you are staying with us at the hotel, pay by either by credit card or via a company purchase order. Note that any purchase order payments will need to be settled by your organization prior to attendance. Be sure to book at the correct venue! Also again please note that as of 11th April 2012, the BI NDA Developer Day event is now full.

100% refunds will be given for cancellations up end of April 2012. No refunds possible after that date (although transfers of registration will still be permitted).

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