Where’s Everything Gone?

Well... a couple of people mentioned to me today that my website was down. Fine, I thought, there's sometimes a glitch with the hosted server, and if I just raise a support ticket they'll restart the mySQL server or at worst, restore from a backup.

Except... it turns out their monthly, weekly and daily backups didn't include my mySQL databases, as the backup had been misconfigured.

So ... that's all the content of this site lost. Around 700+ postings, all the comments, all the pages, all the links, all gone. Nice one. I've managed to recreate the wordpress database and put up this initial posting, but as for all the old content, it looks like it's gone. As will I be, when I sort out a new hosting provider, but until then, sorry folks, all the old stuff is no more.

UPDATE: It's all still lost, but I've managed to copy a few recent pages from blog aggregators such as biblogs.com. When I get back from the UKOUG, I'll try and restore a few more, but all the old stuff is still lost, unless any readers have got copies of any old articles they'd like to see restored.

UPDATE 2: Well, if you're interested in how it happens, here's the gory details. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions; the internet wayback machine goes back to March this year, which I'll probably point people to for older content. A couple of people have got archives of recent posts, feeds etc so I'll be contacting them separately to get hold of their copies. Other than that, thanks for the commisserations/best wishes, and I'll just have to make up for it by posting a few more good articles soon...

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