Rittman Mead

Rittman Mead at KScope16

June 21, 2016 2 Comments

June is the perfect month: summer begins, major football (and futbol) tournaments are in full swing, and of course, KScope16 is on! Rittman Mead have participated in many.

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A Business Intelligence Love Story: #IHateYourFace

May 25, 2016 0 Comments

Sometimes love isn’t fair A teenager, just emerging from an awkward growing phase drives a tendency to spew non sensical permutations of varying cringe worthy.

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Oracle’s New Data Visualization Desktop

May 3, 2016 23 Comments

A recent addition to the Oracle lineup of visualization tools is the Oracle Data Visualization Desktop. Described by Oracle as a “single user desktop application.

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Rittman Mead at Collaborate 16: Data Integration Focus

April 4, 2016 0 Comments

It’s that time of year again when Oracle technologists from around the world gather in Las Vegas, Nevada, to teach, learn, and, of course, network.

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The Importance of BI Commentary

March 7, 2016 0 Comments

Why Is Commentary Important? We communicate every day. Communication through text is especially abundant with the proliferation of new on-demand technologies. Have you gone through.

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