Using Linux Control Groups to Constrain Process Memory

December 21, 2015

Linux Control Groups (cgroups) are a nifty way to limit the amount of resource, such as CPU, memory, or IO throughput, that a process or.

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Visual Regression Testing of OBIEE with PhantomCSS

May 23, 2014

Earlier this year I wrote a couple of blogs posts (here and here) discussing the topic of automated Regression Testing and OBIEE. One of the.

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Built-In OBIEE Load Testing with nqcmd

March 28, 2014

nqcmd ships with all installations of OBIEE and includes some very useful hidden functionality – the ability to generate load tests against OBIEE. There are.

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Introducing obi-metrics-agent – an Open-Source OBIEE Metrics Collector

March 26, 2014

Understanding what is going on inside OBIEE is important for being able to diagnose issues that arise, monitor its health, and dig deep into its.

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Automated Regression Testing for OBIEE

January 23, 2014

In the first article of this series I explored what regression testing is, why it matters, and by breaking down the OBIEE stack into its.

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