ExtremeBI Development in the Cloud with Rittman Mead

Organisations want to implement business analytics and information discovery initiatives, but can end-up stalling or taking longer to realize the benefits than expected because of long and complex development processes, complicated procurement cycles, and lack of expertise around the latest tools and technologies. To address these issues and to make it easier for customers to benefit from the world-class expertise within Rittman Mead, we are pleased to announce the availability of our latest service: ExtremeBI Cloud Platform.

ExtremeBI Development using our Proven ExtremeBI Agile Methodology

Business analytics and information discovery projects deliver the most benefit to users when they’re involved in the development process, delivering incremental application releases every few weeks and using feedback from users to help drive development priorities. But this type of development approach has, up-until now, been difficult to use with business analytics and information discovery projects due to the inflexibility of traditional database and data-extraction tools.

Rittman Mead take a different approach to project delivery, using our unique, agile methodology together with Oracle’s business intelligence and information discovery tools to deliver ExtremeBI. The more flexible and agile data modeling environment provided by Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) or Oracle Endeca Information Discovery (OEID) makes it possible to develop the data model incrementally with the involvement of users. Data structures and extraction routines are virtualised as requirements emerge and are formalised, and then potentially transformed into production-quality ETL routines once their value to users is confirmed.

Start Today, using our ExtremeBI Cloud Platform

Combine our ExtremeBI approach with a managed platform.

Many business analytics and information discovery projects start with good intentions and buy-in, but then lose their initial focus and energy as you wait for internal IT to procure hardware, arrange development licenses, provision storage, and allocate DBAs to your team – a process that can often take several months and lead to you missing the opportunity that the project was meant to address.

Rittman Mead can accelerate your project startup by hosting your project development and test systems in our managed cloud environment. Ready to start today and managed for you by our Global Services team, our managed development platform gets you started now with the option to transfer your system back on-premise once its ready for use, or we can continue hosting and managing it for you for a monthly fee.

Delivery Models to Suit Your Project Size and Budget

ExtremeBI projects from Rittman Mead typically run over three months, with delivery cycles that aim to deliver working reports and analytics every two weeks. We use a mix of on-site consultancy and off-site development to deliver your project, and leverage our team of experts including two Oracle ACEs and an Oracle ACE Director to ensure you have access to the most knowledgable Oracle BI developers in the industry.


Typical engagement models for ExtremeBI projects are:

1. “Getting Started” : 

Aimed at departmental or smaller projects, this package provides three months of ExtremeBI development using a full-time Oracle BI / ETL developer, and part-time use of a delivery manager, solutions architect, business analyst and data analyst.

2. ”Departmental” : For larger projects with multiple data sources and dashboards and mobile delivery, this three-month package provides two BI and ETL developers, full time solutions architect, business analyst and data analysts, and a part-time delivery manager.

3. ”Enterprise” 

: Designed for enterprise BI projects including mobile and Essbase MOLAP, this package provides a team of BI and ETL developers, full-time architects and other analyst roles, along with a test team and other roles that you’ll need to ease the transition of your system into production.

Each model includes hosting in our managed development environment, either based on standard cloud server technology – or optionally on an Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine.

Ongoing Support after you Go Live

Once your system completes development and is ready to “go live”, we will work with you to manage this transition, either moving the system onto your on-premise servers, or continuing to host and manage it for you in our cloud environment, using one of three options:

1. We’ll host the production system for you, for a single monthly OpEx fee including Oracle and other licensing.

2. If you’d prefer to acquire the Oracle licenses yourself, we can provide license consultancy to ensure you license just what you need and at the volume that’s required. Alternatively resell you the licenses you need through our partnership with Oracle

3. Or, if you’d prefer to host the final production system internally, we can work with your internal IT team to migrate the system and data to your on-premise servers.

How Do I Find Out More?

Rittman Mead have offices in the Brighton (UK/EMEA), Atlanta (US), Bangalore (India) and Melbourne (Australia). Contact us at info@rittmanmead.com for an immediate start on your Oracle BI project.

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