Expert Services

Whether you are about to embark on a new project using Oracle’s BI & data warehousing technologies, or you are mid-way through a project and need some extra help, Rittman Mead’s team of expert consultants can work with you to ensure the success of your project.

Rittman Mead specialise in Oracle BI delivery across the full project lifecycle. We combine the world’s best technical resources, including Oracle ACE and ACE Directors, with our team of experienced Business Analysts and Project Managers. From locations in the UK, Europe, US and India our experience has been gained from BI implementations across all vertical sectors around the world.

Areas where our expert services have added value to BI implementations include:

  • Business/Data Requirements Analysis – Engaging with all levels of the business and addressing data requirements, relationships, granularity, sources and quality to provide a solid basis for technical design decisions and project planning.
  • Data Architecture – With core data entities and data domains, the dimensions, hierarchies and measures that will underpin the BI solution can be defined using common terminology understood by all BI stakeholders.
  • Solution Architecture – Based on an awareness of the business and data requirements, an optimal solution architecture can then be defined that meets both business and IT requirements.
  • Vendor Roadmap – Rittman Mead work closely with Oracle product development and have a close understanding of the technology roadmap for their BI, DW and EPM product suites. By applying this knowledge of current and future product developments, Rittman Mead can ensure the correctness of the technical design and provide valuable insights into the project decision-making process.
  • BI/DW Development – Knowledge of development approaches and techniques can be rapidly transferred to internal teams in order to enhance timescales and efficiency.
  • Project Management – Forming and recruiting a BI project team that maximises the use of user-driven, agile methodologies whilst providing project transparency, governance and compliance with your IT standards ensures the success of your project and a sustainable, low-maintenance business intelligence solution.

If you would like to know how Rittman Mead Consulting’s Expert Services could help you minimise the cost, contact us now and we’ll be pleased to help.

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