Prepare, Build and Sustain

Rittman Mead have developed a BI engagement methodology termed ‘Prepare, Build and Sustain’, that meets priority BI requirements while setting an architecture and strategy to move through the BI Maturity Model.

As a result, many organisations are now engaging Rittman Mead to manage the full BI project lifecycle. This approach is significantly reducing risk and cost while speeding delivery cycles and leading to higher levels of satisfaction across the stakeholder community.

The key services within the methodology are described below.


For Business Intelligence projects to be successful there needs to be a traceable chain of understanding from the highest level business requirements through to detailed technical delivery. The planning phase of a BI project should create an awareness of the business’ overall information model and its associated data assets so that subsequent technical design decisions can be made more pragmatically and technology delivery can proceed with greater focus and efficiency.

Key services areas within the ‘Prepare’ phase include:

  • Business/data requirements analysis
  • Project Planning
  • Developer Training


Success in the build phase of a BI project requires a blend of close project management, development agility, high user involvement and early visibility of deliverables. To achieve this a clear but flexible implementation methodology is needed along with in-depth knowledge of product functionality and development approaches and techniques.

  • Project Management
  • Solution Architecture
  • Data Architecture
  • DW/BI Development


In the post implementation phase there is an opportunity to maximise ROI and go on to achieve strategic and transformational change resulting in clear competitive differentiation. This can be achieved by instilling BI governance and best practice within the organisation as well as providing high levels of user support and evangelisation.

  • BI Governance/Best Practice
  • Support
  • End User Training

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