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Oracle Endeca Information Discovery is the latest addition to Oracle’s BI product set, providing in-memory search and analysis across all of your data sources, including semi-structured and un-structured ones. Built around the Endeca Server, a hybrid search/analytic database engine with an agile approach to data modeling, Endeca Information Discovery applications take a user-friendly, search-first approach to finding key information regardless of the format in which it’s held.

Oracle Endeca Information Discovery extends the capabilities of Oracle BI Foundation and can be useful when:

  • Data sources are disparate, only loosely linked, and have no common structured data model
  • Your aim is to explore and search through your data sets, with minimal up-front time spent on data modelling
  • Some of your data is in documents, files, web feeds or other unstructured / semi-structured sources
  • Your end-users are non-technical, but are used to using search engines and e-commerce web sites
  • Once data is selected, you then want to display it using graphs, tables, word clouds and other visualizations
  • You want to do all of these, and you want to keep a largely all-Oracle architecture

What is Oracle Endeca Information Discovery?

Oracle Endeca Information Discovery is a BI platform providing data extraction and integration, the hybrid search/analytic in-memory Endeca Server, and web-based dashboard and authoring tools. Endeca Information Discovery applications take a search-first approach to data exploration, providing simple but powerful query tools to discover and spot trends across structured, semi-structured and unstructured data sources.

Although deployable standalone, Oracle Endeca Information Discovery is complementary to Oracle’s BI Foundation product line (OBIEE and Oracle Essbase), and adds new capabilities in terms of unstructured document handling, text parsing and content acquisition, giving your organization the ability to quickly explore all relevant data.

Oracle Endeca Information Discovery can be deployed standalone, or together with Oracle BI Foundation on Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine, taking advantage of Exalytics’ 40 cores and 1TB RAM for fast, parallel query and discovery.

Rittman Mead and Oracle Endeca Information Discovery

Rittman Mead, an Oracle BI Foundation Specialized Gold Partner with offices in the UK, USA, India and Australia, have been at the forefront of Oracle Endeca adoption and are pleased to offer consulting, training and support/managed services around this new product line. For full details on our Oracle Endeca Information Discovery services, contact us at or call us on +44 (0) 8446 697 995 (UK) or (888) 631-1410 (USA)

More details on Oracle Endeca Information Discovery can be found on our website:

Looking to try Endeca Information Discovery now? Our five-day “Proof of Solution” package gets you started with Endeca Information Discovery, delivering a search/analytic data discovery dashboard sourced from up to four structured and one unstructured files/documents/tables. Provided at a fixed-price of £5,000 + VAT + expenses, this is an ideal way to deliver your pilot Endeca application using Rittman Mead’s experienced Endeca team. Contact us at for more details.

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