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Quickly deploy line-of-business mobile BI apps for any device, in five days with Rittman Mead

Many customers using Oracle Business Intelligence 11g are keen to deploy business analytics to their workforce using mobile devices, so that they can take advantage of increased adoption rates and deliver business insights to users at the time and place of most impact.

Rittman Mead, experts in Oracle Business Intelligence and mobile analytics, are pleased to announce a five-day quick-start package for customers looking to deploy their first mobile business analytics app using Oracle BI Mobile App Designer.

Put together for customers who already have Oracle Business Intelligence deployed and want to deploy an initial line-of-business mobile app to a team, this package will get you started and your first app deployed,

We will work with your IT and line-of-business team to define the use-case, ensure all software is available and at the correct release, develop the app in conjunction with the end-users, and deploy it out for general use.

What’s in the Five-Day Package?

Over a five-day, fixed-price and fixed-scope engagement, we will:

  • Work with you collaboratively to identify the LOB use-case
  • Review your current OBIEE 11g installation, and if necessary work with you to install any required updates to enable the Mobile App Designer feature
  • Identify with you the existing analyses and reports to include in the app, and the app structure and navigation menu
  • Develop the first iteration of the app, and then review it with the proposed users
  • Create the final iteration, including any imagery and corporate design, links to other content etc, and then deploy in the Mobile App “Appstore” within Oracle Business Intelligence
  • Work with your team to deploy the app to end-users, and provide hand-over so that they can continue development after the engagement.

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So what is BI Mobile App Designer?

Oracle BI Mobile App Designer is a new feature within Oracle Business Intelligence 11g that complements the existing iOS-native Oracle BI Mobile app, and allows customers to create visually-rich, interactive HTML5 web apps for all modern mobile devices.

You can Design, Preview, Interact and Share on Any device, Any Screen


The intuitive web-based Mobile App Designer editor anticipates common design patterns. Effortlessly drag-and-drop your app components to pixel-perfect positioning while enjoying a full scale of flexibility to meet your unique needs.


While designing your apps you can preview them instantly on your target mobile device by scanning a QR code. Or, even faster, view them in your PC browser using our web-based mobile simulator.

Publish and Share 

You can publish your apps to BI Apps Library with a few clicks just inside the designer. Your audience can discover and subscribe to your apps and manage by themselves with the intuitive user interface.


Interact with your apps to filter, search, and navigate through data relationships quickly on your mobile device anytime and anywhere.

Any Device, Any Screen 

Apps generated by Mobile App Designer are in HTML5 format. That means you can open the apps with any modern browser on any type of mobile device without installing anything.

Oracle Business Intelligence 11g has had native iPad and iPhone apps that can deliver generic dashboards and reports to users on their mobile devices, and these work well for users on Apple’s iOS platform who want to reproduce the full interactive dashboard experience on their mobile devices.

For some organizations though, security concerns around apps that have to be installed on the users’ mobile device has limited uptake, along with the previous lack of support for Android, Blackberry and other non-iOS platforms; for others, there is a desire to deploy more focused, line-of-business mobile applications that feature reports and workflows for a specific job role, rather than generic dashboards that can often be hard to navigate.

Analytic apps created using Oracle BI Mobile App Designer require no install or special security arrangements on the user’s mobile device, but leverage the existing security and scalability of Oracle Business Intelligence 11g to allow large-scale, secure deployments of business analytics to your workforce. Moreover, because BI Mobile App Designer is based on the same underlying technology as Oracle BI Publisher, applications are quick to deploy, can be customized for particular lines of business and workflows, and can be easily updated and extended over time by the end user directly.

Why Rittman Mead?

Rittman Mead wrote the book on Oracle Business Intelligence 11g, and have a team of over 100 consultants world-wide all with project experience in delivering Oracle Business Intelligence. We already have a vast amount of experience developing mobile BI applications and corporate dashboards, and use this experience, together with our delivery-focused approach to projects, to ensure rapid success for our customers and ensure you get a mobile app in your users’ hands as soon as possible.

Download our QuickStart Mobile Analytic Apps for OBIEE 11g with Rittman Mead datasheet for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Our users use a range of different mobile devices, some of which they provide themselves, and some of which are laptops as well as mobile devices. Will BI Mobile App designer work with those?

BI Mobile App Designer is 100% HTML5-compliant, and works on all modern mobile devices and laptops that use web browsers such as Safari, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.  Mobile apps created using Mobile App Designer also feature “responsive design”, so that their layout adapts to the size of the browser window and the device being used, making them suitable for deployment on all devices.

2. What software do I need to be able to deploy Oracle BI Mobile App Designer?

Oracle BI Mobile App Designer requires Oracle Business Intelligence, currently available for all supported platforms, and either Oracle BI Mobile or Oracle BI Foundation for licensing purposes. Upgrading from release to is included in the five-day package, however upgrading from earlier releases (10g, – would need to be a separate exercise which we would also be pleased to help you with.

3. My organization uses the Oracle BI Applications, for example Financial Analytics. Can I use Oracle BI Mobile App Designer with the BI Applications?

Yes! Any analyses or other reports within Oracle Business Intelligence 11g can be used with BI Mobile App Designer; for example, you can create mobile apps focused on a particular role within the finance department, or use it to create a custom app for a financial controller or other manager who would like their own custom mobile “executive overview” app that they can consult at the start of the day, based on their own particular needs and area of interest.

4. We’ve tried to deploy mobile BI Apps in the past, but we’ve hit issues around security and mobile device management. Will I hit the same issues with BI Mobile App Designer?

No! Unlike native iOS apps such as Oracle BI Mobile, no install is necessary on the users’ mobile device, and no data is stored on the device after the users’ session ends. Typically, customers provide access to the Mobile App Designer environment through a corporate VPN to their servers, and any mobile apps deployed use the same security as Oracle Business Intelligence 11g.

5. Our organization would like to try Oracle BI Mobile App Designer, but our Oracle Business Intelligence 11g environment isn’t at the required version.

No problem! Rittman Mead can either work with you to upgrade your environment (upgrade from to is included in the package price, other upgrades by arrangement), or we can either host an environment for you in our secure data center, or provide a temporary environment for you as a virtual machine that you can install on your premises.

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Rittman Mead have offices in the Brighton, UK (for EMEA), Atlanta, GA (for North America), Banglore, India and Melbourne, Australia. Call us now at +44 8446 697 995 for the UK/EMEA or (888) 631 1410 for the US and Canada, or drop us a line at – and you could have your first mobile BI app deployed to your users within a week.

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