Public Training Courses

Since our founding in 2007, Rittman Mead have specialized in delivering high-quality technical training around Oracle’s BI, ODI, DW and EPM products, for our customers around the world.

Typically our courses are delivered on-site for a single customer, but we are now pleased to announce a series of scheduled training courses, for those customers who want to just send one or two of their staff to a public version of our courses. Any of the courses can be delivered on-site for a single customer, but we also have a schedule for public training dates at one of our training centres in the UK, US, India, Australia and South Africa. These courses are typically taught by consultants such as Mark Rittman, Robin Moffatt, Ashley Beauman and Venkatakrishnan J. New! – 10% discount for UKOUG members on our public, scheduled training courses in the UK – contact us for your discount code now!

TRN202 : OBIEE 11g Bootcamp (5 days) Prices: £2000 + 20% VAT (UK), US$ 3,500 (USA), Rs. 60,000 + 12.36% Taxes (India), AUD 3,500 + 10% GST (Australia)  R 25,000 + 14% VAT (South Africa)

  • 13-17 April, Melbourne, Australia 
  • 27 April – 1 May, Atlanta, US
  • 4-8 May, Bangalore, India 
  • 11-15 May, Brighton, UK 
  • 1-5 June, Atlanta, US
  • 22-26 June, Johannesburg, South Africa 
  • 5-9 October, Johannesburg, South Africa 

TRN205 : OBIEE 11g Create Reports, Dashboards, Alerts and Scorecards (2 days) Prices: £800 + 20% VAT (UK), US$ 1,300 (USA), Rs. 30,000 + 12.36% Taxes (India), AUD 1,300 + 10% GST (Australia) ZAR 14% 10,000 (South Africa)

  • 15-16 April, Melbourne, Australia 
  • 13-14 May, Brighton, UK

TRN206 : OBIEE 11g Repository (RPD) Modelling (2 days) Prices: £800 + 20% VAT (UK), US$ 1,300 (USA), Rs. 30,000 + 12.36% Taxes (India), AUD 1,300 + 10% GST (Australia)

  • 13-14 April, Melbourne, Australia 
  • 11-12 May, Brighton, UK 

TRN208 : OBIEE 11g Front End Development, Design and Best Practices (3 days) Prices: £1,200 + 20 % VAT (UK), US$ 2,100 (USA), AUD 2,100 + 10% GST (Australia)

  • 13-15 April, Atlanta, US 
  • 4-6 May, Melbourne, Australia 
  • 18-20 May, Atlanta, US 
  • 22-24 June, Atlanta, US 

TRN 405 : Oracle Data Integrator 12c (4 Days) Prices: £1600 + 20% VAT (UK), US$ 2,800 (USA), AUD 2,800 + 10% GST (Australia), ZAR 20,000 + 14% VAT (South Africa)

  • 20-23 April, Atlanta, US 
  • 4-8 May, Johannesburg, South Africa 
  • 8-11 June, Brighton, UK 
  • 22-25 June, Melbourne, Australia 
  • 17-21 August, Johannesburg, South Africa 

Who can Attend? Everyone is welcome and our courses start from the basics, requiring no prior knowledge of the product.

How do I book? Do you have places left? You can book directly using the links above, which will take you to our booking system. To secure a place now, you can pay by credit card, or you can give us a purchase order number and we’ll invoice your company before the course starts. All fees have to be paid before the course starts, and places aren’t confirmed until we receive full payment.

Are there any discounts or special offers? Parties of three or more may be eligible for a 10% discount, if you would like to send more than three delegates to a single course, or set of courses, drop us an email and we’ll see what we can do. We look forward to seeing you at one of our scheduled courses sometime soon!

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