TRN701 – Exalytics for Systems Administrators

Learn Exalytics from the experts! RittmanMead were one of the first to take delivery of Exalytics and have built a market-leading reputation for expertise with the technology through multiple customer projects and in-house R&D. Our consultants have presented Exalytics papers at conferences and we publish frequent Exalytics articles on our blog.

All of our courses are presented as a mixture of lectures and hands-on labs, enabling students to put in to practice skills as they learn them as well as take advantage of the expertise of the trainer present in the classroom.

We have two Exalytics training offerings, for system administrators (TRN701) or developers (TRN702), or “pick and mix” your own course using our online course builder. For each course, we have suggested additional companion modules which you may be interested in.

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TRN 701 : Exalytics for Systems Administrators

Aimed at existing OBI systems administrators, this course looks at the architecture of Exalytics and the details of TimesTen and Essbase administration on Exalytics through a series of hands-on lab exercises.


One day

Content overview

  • Exalytics architecture & theory
  • TimesTen and Essbase administration
    • Product overview
    • Starting / stopping
    • Monitoring
    • Backup & Restore
    • Administration tools

Detailed Contents

  • EXALYTICS101 – Introduction to Exalytics
    • Exalytics Architecture and Theory
  • EXALYTICS104 – Exalytics for Systems Administrators
    • Post-installation checklist for OBI
    • TimesTen administration
      • Introduction & Architecture overview
      • Starting and stopping TimesTen
      • Working with TimesTen databases
      • Interacting with TimesTen
      • Basic Monitoring
      • Backup and recovery
    • Essbase administration
      • Introduction & Architecture overview
      • Starting and Stopping Essbase
      • Essbase Administration tools
      • Basic Monitoring
      • Backup and recovery
    • Advanced deployment and configuration options for Exalytics
    • Backup & Recovery

Goes well with…

  • EXALYTICS103 – Exalytics TimesTen and Summary Advisor (0.5 days)
    • Configuring TimesTen and OBI connectivity on a developer workstation
    • Importing TimesTen metadata into OBI
    • Configuring Summary Advisor statistics
    • Building TimesTen aggregates with the Summary Advisor
    • Troubleshooting Aggregate Persistence errors
    • Advanced deployments
  • INTRO102 – OBIEE architecture (0.25 days)
  • SYSMAN101 – OBIEE Systems Administration (0.75 days)
    • Starting / stopping services
    • Deploying RPDs
    • Viewing log files
    • Usage tracking
  • SYSMAN102 – OBIEE monitoring and troubleshooting (0.5 days)
    • Detailed process and log file monitoring
    • Hands-on troubleshooting simulation

To book this course for your organization, or for more information, contact for more details.

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