Oracle BI Applications Bootcamp

Course Overview

This course is designed for customers and Oracle partners who wish to quickly bring a development team up to speed with the Oracle BI Applications 11g, which uses Oracle BI EE 11g as the BI platform. Over three days, the basics of Oracle BI Applications development and administration is covered, teaching delegates how to install, configure and then load data into the Oracle BI Applications data warehouse using Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.3 as a data source.


3 Days


Instructor-led with labs, on-site at client location


End-Users, Developers, and Project Managers


None Required

Course Agenda

Day 1
1. Introduction to BI Applications

2. Installation Overview, and Post-Install Configuration
   • Understanding the BI Apps Architecture
   • Review Configuration Tasks
   • Setting Up the DAC
   • Setting Up RPD and Web Catalog

3. Performing the Initial Data Load
   • Creating an Execution Plan
   • Configuring an Execution Plan
   • Running the Execution Plan
4. Inside the Oracle BI Applications Warehouse
   • Understanding the Data Warehouse Data Model Model
   • Table Categories and Types
   • Use of Constraints, Indexes, Summaries
   • Running Basic Reports
   • Lineage and Metadata

5. Customizing Existing ETL Routines, Facts and Dimensions
   • Understanding Customization Scenarios
   • Applying Category 1 Customizations
   • Reflecting Changes in the DAC Repository
   • Reflecting Changes in the RPD
6. Adding New ETL Routines, Facts and Dimensions
   • Applying Category 2 Customizations
   • Reflecting Changes in the DAC
   • Creating New Informatica SDE Mappings
   • Creating New Informatica SIL Mappings
   • Adding New Facts and Dimensions to the RPD

7. Optimization and Performance Tuning
   • Compression
   • Partitioning
   • Materialized Views

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