About Us

Mark Rittman and Jon Mead founded Rittman Mead in 2007 with the goal of becoming the world’s leading Oracle Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence company. Much has changed in the world of data and analytics since then, but Rittman Mead continues striving to be the world’s leading data and analytics company.

Hundreds of organizations from Fortune 500 to Ivy Leagues to Startups trust Rittman Mead as a source of knowledge about business intelligence, data, and analytics. What could your business do with the faster, more insightful analytics? From User Engagement to Performance Analytics to ChitChat, our experts have the innovative solutions to help you and your business achieve its goals.

  • Catalyst for Change

    Rittman Mead partners with clients to collect, explore, and derive meaning from data to gain insight in a complex world. We are specialists in Oracle BI, Data Warehousing and Performance Analytics, offering consulting, training and support to customers in the UK, Europe, and North America. Our innovative and industry-recognized experts build long-term relationships with clients because we value maximizing our clients’ investment in BI technologies.

  • Thought Leadership

    We strongly believe in acquiring and sharing knowledge. We seek to work with organizations to demystify the processes behind analytics, business intelligence, and data. Rittman Mead has its own R&D department and strong links with our vendor product managers. We dedicate time to pushing the boundaries of the tools and approaches we use. Equally important to us is sharing our findings through our blog and public presentations at industry conferences.

  • A Partner You Can Trust

    We understand that we are a trusted advisor to our clients and take that position seriously. Your business needs constantly shift, evolve, and grow, and you can rely on Rittman Mead’s considerable experience to guide you through the complexities of today’s modern business intelligence environment. We believe long-term partnerships allow us to use our extensive knowledge to anticipate your business needs and demystify modern BI, data, and analytics processes.

  • Delivering Results

    We operate under the ethos that the results of the work we do must be customer driven. Having the smartest people working on innovative solutions provides no value if they aren’t solving your real-world business issues. We measure success based on the value gained by our clients from our work.

    Why Rittman Mead?

    Rittman Mead goes beyond the deployment of BI technologies. Our consultants innovate, perfect, and discover. Whether you are starting from the beginning of a BI implementation or need help halfway through a project, our Oracle experts are dedicated to build long-term relationships with customers to maximize your BI investments. From increasing your platform’s usage to developing tools to find and correct performance bottlenecks, Rittman Mead’s solutions improve your analytics and increase your return on investment.

    • We wrote the book, quite literally.

      Rittman Mead wrote the official Oracle Business Intelligence book. Rittman Mead also employs a number of the world’s leading experts in OBIEE and ODI, including several Oracle ACEs, and their expertise can be brought to your project.

    • You don’t simply get assigned a consultant or two, you get the whole company.

      Each Rittman Mead consultant is backed with an excellent support network. In a world of fast technological change, it is unusual to find one person with experience implementing every combination of software and hardware. Rittman Mead’s sophisticated internal knowledge base and ticketing system ensures that every consultant has access to the combined knowledge across our entire organization.

    • Rittman Mead’s Delivery Framework is something you cannot get anywhere else.

      Over the last seven years, we’ve developed a library of white label components that can be customized for clients and used for repeatable development processes. Focus on solving true project problems, not worrying about everyday issues.

    • Rittman Mead has a unique relationship with Oracle and their product development teams.

      A relationship that leads to our involvement in beta programs and advisory boards. We help clients understand and better address Service Requests.