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Rapid Application Development

Our Rapid Application Development (RAD) service uses the power of Oracle APEX; a low-code platform that minimises the need for extensive coding and programming to deliver high-quality applications, fast.

Our collaborative approach ensures we gather your exact applications requirements. Combine this with development standards, automated testing and release management and we deliver robust, cost-efficient and easily maintainable applications, every time.

Do you have spreadsheets or outdated legacy systems performing critical business functions?

These systems are a massive risk for organisations. They can be inefficient, error-prone and a single point of failure.

Oracle APEX provides a secure and scalable replacement, with data stored in a database and a browser-based application that multiple people can use, resulting in increased productivity and streamlined business processes.

Does your organisation need to extend their core systems to incorporate unique business processes?

If your organisation has specific data capture and reporting requirements for environment, sustainability and governance (ESG) metrics.

APEX can extend the core system's data model and provide additional data entry and reporting functionality.

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If your organisation is about to embark on an APEX project or programme of work, our enablement service can ensure you get off on the right foot and have the tools and skills to get the most out of APEX.

Customised Training

We can create a customised training programme for your team, including desk-side coaching, workshops and technical training in APEX.

Standards and Accelerators

We have distilled our knowledge and experience into a set of APEX and database development standards, a development lifecycle and some accelerators.

The accelerators include a default project to start development from, release management processes and automated testing.

Adopting these will speed up the development process and facilitate collaboration, developers changing teams and maintaining the systems.

Ongoing help

Our Expert Service Desk provides comprehensive support and maintenance for your running APEX applications.

The service covers system monitoring, optimising performance and availability, bug fixes, enhancement requests, patches, upgrades, security and general advice on the best way to run one or multiple applications in a production-hardened environment.

Data and Analytics Platform Extensions

We have found that Oracle APEX is the perfect partner for Oracle's data and analytics stack. Over the years, we have built several accelerators to enhance your data processing, monitoring, release management and governance.

ODI Expert

ODI Expert enables you to monitor and control your Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) load plan execution.

Analytics Data Dictionary

The Analytics Data Dictionary (ADD) is an APEX application that enables developers and end users to find and understand data across their organisations.

ADD allows the assignment of business definitions and other details to data items, provides a workflow for maintaining them and integrates with analytics tools to surface the definitions.

Lineage Toolkit

The Lineage Toolkit helps organisations better understand their data lineage. The tool uses the ODI repository to extract the lineage of any data item in the data warehouse, ETL mappings or Oracle Analytics semantic layer.

File Upload

File Upload provides a resilient and secure interface to allow internal and external users to upload data.

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