We know where you live

No, not a threat from a bunch of gangsters, but a reminder about a, perhaps, under used Oracle feature in data warehousing
A little while back Mark Rittman reminded me of a piece he wrote on GIS enabling a data warehouse. People may think "Spatial, extra feature, extra license, extra cost". But this may not be the case. A vast amount of useful GIS capability already comes in the form of Oracle Locator (Locator is installed as part of Oracle Intermedia ). Locator is a subset of the full-blown Spatial add-in, and although some features are not available to users without the full spatial license it probably does enough to do most things a DW user would want to do.
Recently we put together a demo GIS enabled data warehouse for one of our customers. We added coordinate data to their customer, store and distribution centre dimensions, indexed them using spatial indexes and constructed a set of demonstration queries. These included "number of customers within specific ranges of stores" and "customers that do not use their nearest store" - Simple to set-up and very effective