Appeal - Help With A Blog “Distributed Recovery”…

UPDATE: Well, what can I say. Thanks to Nick Goodman, Rahul Argawal, Scott Gruber, Peter K, and in particular Andy C, we've been able to recover a large number of the most requested or most interesting articles in less than a day. Many, many thanks to all of you, including those that offered after we had parcelled out the articles and made a start. Truly Random acts of kindness, as Scott Gruber put it on his blog, and I'm very grateful to everyone who gave up their time this morning. For the time being now, I'm ok to try and recover the rest on my own, probably using the feed from that Scott Mitchell sent over later in the morning.

Quite a few people have written to me over the last couple of days, offering to help re-enter some of the more popular blog entries that were lost from this site earlier last week - I'm really touched that so many people have offered to chip in and help. So ... if anyone's still interested, I've pulled together a list of fifty or so of the most popular pages from October and November, and therefore if anyone who's interested, and

  • Is familiar with Wordpress 2.x
  • Knows how to recover a page, given a URL, from the Google Cache, and
  • Would be able to cut-and-paste the HTML from the cache page into a Wordpress posting box (the images are still on the site), and
  • Could do this for five pages

Just drop me a line at, or add a comment to this page, and I'll give you a site login and a list of five URLs. I'll do it in order of importance, so if only a couple are able to help, at least we'll get some of the good stuff. If people are busy now, no problem, but if you've got 30 minutes spare, it might help get some of the more relevant content back on the site.

Also, if you've got RSS feeds of content (all the images are still on the site, I just need the HTML) or any other backups of good, perhaps older stuff, send it through - if it's HTML, try and strip out any tags added by Word, or again I'll give you a login and you can give it a try yourself. Let me know what you're going to upload though, as it might already be allocated to someone else.


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