Oracle BI EE on Metalink?

I was trying to find out more about the new version of OBI EE on Metalink. If you try to find a patch or update, then you will not find it in the "Product or Family". An Advanced search in the Knowledge Base for the exact phrase Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition will give some results on bugs, problems and HOWTOs for a product "Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition". One HOWTO is called How To Log An Oracle Support Service Request Via SupportWeb for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)

Customer support for the Oracle BI Enterprise Edition is provided through Siebel SupportWeb ( SupportWeb accounts are provided at the time you sign/renew technical support agreements for the Oracle BI EE product.

Will we have to use yet another login with yet another site to track yet another product? Or is this just an interim phase until Metalink can migrate all the cases from the Sibel support site?