The BI Survey Now Open

The BI Survey is now open for submissions: here's the invite, pop along and answer the questions if you've got a spare five or ten minutes:

"We would very much welcome your participation in The BI Survey. This is the largest independent survey of business intelligence, OLAP and CPM users worldwide. The Survey will obtain input from a large number of users to better understand their buying decisions, the implementation cycle and the business success achieved. Both business and technical respondents are welcome.

The BI Survey is strictly independent. While Oracle and other vendors assist by inviting users to participate in the Survey, the vendors do not sponsor the survey, nor influence the questionnaire design or survey results. As a participant, you will not only have the opportunity to ensure your experiences are included in the analyses, but you will also receive a summary of the results from the full survey. You will also have a chance of winning one of ten $50 Amazon vouchers. Click here to complete the survey on-line.