It rains down in Africa

As Mark Rittman announced last week, I have just started collaborating with Rittman Mead Consulting. As a direct result I am now sitting in my hotel room in Lagos, Nigeria after the second day of running the Oracle BI EE Masterclass for a client. This is the first time that I run this course but I had a feeling that it went really well. We still have some material to cover tomorrow but after the course-work is done we plan to run a short proof of concept on their customer's data. After that I am flying out and ending my first ever trip to Africa. I really didn't get a chance to see much during my time here but I will have to make up for that next time around. Walking outside after dark is not the best way to get to know this large city and as I am here alone, I thought it would be best just to stick close to the hotel. Besides, it is RAINING. The kind of rain that just seems to pour down and wash everything away. It is probably the heaviest rain I have ever seen, at least one that lasts more than 5 minutes with such intensity.

I hope to put something technical here soon. I have been splitting up the web interface, presentation services and BI server on to different machines and would like to post a little on that process after the weekend.