Summer is over

Well, not that summer actually ever arrived here in Belgium. It's been quite the opposite of last summer, which was very hot and sunny. So I guess in average my two first summers here were OK., right?

But the summer did bring me some changes. For the last 5 weeks I have been working as an independent consultant which allows me to diversify my work quite a lot. But it also means I have to secure contracts to keep busy, which is new for me. Mark and Jon have been throwing me some work and I am really looking forward to work more with them in the future. Also, the UKOUG is coming up and I have a paper to present there so I should be pretty busy until the end of the year, with all this and my work here in Belgium.

I started on writing up a short guide on setting up multiple presentation services and BI servers on one machine, as a way of supporting a  development and testing environment  with less hardware. It should be up here in a few days :)