My first week at Rittman Mead Consulting

Well, it was not spent in San Francisco!

I spent a couple of days working through some best practices for a group developing a new management information system on OBI SE-One and then spent the rest of the week trekking between home and hospital where my younger girl had her appendix removed.

I have also been setting up my new PC for VMWare virtual machines (running on VMWare Fusion 1.1) to allow me to swap quickly between various database versions and products both for research purposes and as examples in presentations. From what I read elsewhere this week, VMWare may not be the hottest virtualization platform, but it should suit the non-production tasks I have in mind. One of the first things I will be doing with it is looking in depth at Oracle 11g Materialized Cube Views - hopefully I will be writing on this later.

Before he flew off to OOW last weekend Mark Rittman advertised the fact that Rittman Mead Consulting does consulting - it is quite easy to lose sight of this as a lot of the training gets mentioned on the blog (especially in exotic locations) but the project work for clients often needs to remain confidential. But if you have a need for some quality Oracle BI and DW consulting or even just want to explore ways in which we might be able to help drop an email to Rittman Mead