An Update on Rittman Mead

Things have been pretty busy for us at Rittman Mead over the last six months, and so I thought it'd be a good opportunity to bring everyone up to speed as to where we are.

Rittman Mead now has two offices, one in the UK run by Jon Mead and myself and another in the USA, run by Joe Leva and Stewart Bryson. Both parts of Rittman Mead are focused on Oracle Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing, offering consulting, training and mentoring for customers in Europe and the Americas.

Since Jon and I started the company back in 2007, our aim has been to work with the best Oracle BI&W consultants and trainers from around the world. By recruiting only the best people, with the most experience, our aim has been to carve out a name for ourselves as the most capable Oracle BI&W implementors in the industry. Since the start of 2009, we've been joined by such famous names as Venkat Janakiraman, Stewart Bryson and Adrian Ward, and all told we now have eleven consultants in the UK and two in the USA, with most of us contributing to the company blog and presenting at conferences and events.

Our main activity is consulting, with projects running around the world and a particular focus these days on Oracle BI EE, Oracle Essbase, Oracle Exadata/Database Machine and Oracle Data Warehousing. As we only recruit senior, experienced consultants we tend to mix and match roles on projects, with Jon, Joe, Adrian and I usually providing the project lead and colleagues such as Peter Scott, Borkur Steingrimsson, Venkat, Ragnar Wessels and Stewart Bryson leading the technical implementation. We also have Jennifer Albu leading our methodology and project governance function, ensuring that our projects deliver as expected and within the required timeframe and budget.

Our other area of focus is training, with our courses on Oracle BI EE Development and Administration, Oracle Warehouse Builder Development and Oracle BI Applications Development being the most popular. Our courses are run by our consultants which means that you get real project experience from your trainer as well as a superb understanding of the products, which means that once we've trained up your development team the same trainer can come back later and help with the project, if you ever need a helping hand. Here's a list of our current courses:

One final area that I'm particularly involved in is organizing events and conferences. Earlier in the year we ran our first Rittman Mead BI Forum, an excellent three-day technical event in Brighton focusing on Oracle BI EE, Oracle Essbase and Oracle Data Integrator. Later on in 2009 we're planning to run another one of our three-day intensive Training Days events, with sessions run by myself, Venkat and Christian Berg, where we'll be focusing on the deep technical details of OBIEE and Essbase development.

With all of this activity, we're very keen to speak to any experienced Oracle BI EE, Oracle Essbase, Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle Warehouse Builder developers who might be interested in working with us. We've got a young, dynamic team that works all around the world, our focus is solely on Oracle BI&W and our aim is to assemble the best team of implementors and trainers around the world. If you're interested in working for us either in Europe or in the USA, or indeed if you'd like us to help with your project or training, drop us an email and we'd be pleased to speak with you.