The Start of Open World Day 3

While Mark and Venkat are keeping us all informed on the BI sessions going on at Open World, I wanted to take a minute to provide a quick update concerning what's going on in the exhibition hall.

We're located at Booth 124, Moscone South, which is on the perimeter of the outer track of booths. Basically, when you walk in through the main exhibition doors, you take an immediate left, and walk all the way down until you see the Tap and Brew, which I should point gives away free beer in the afternoons. So depending on the timing, grab a beer, and then take a right and go about three quarters of the way down until you see the Rittman Mead booth on your left. Most likely, you'll see either Joe or myself, and probably Venkat as well. Jon and Mark will be in and out of the booth depending on how their schedules of presentations and other things go.


It's been interesting speaking to attendees about their BI needs, and hearing the different ways that Oracle customers are using the products and the challenges they are facing. It's also been gratifying when customers seek out our booth with their latest technical dilemma because they think we are the one's that can help them solve it.

Today is the last day of exhibition hours, so take a minute to stop in and say hello.