Collaborate 10 - The Early Days

One of the things I had expected to do this week was to write about some of my BI and DW highlights from Collaborate 10. However, that is not to be. I am currently sitting at home in the UK, a victim of a cloud of volcanic ash that has locked down aviation in Northern Europe since last Thursday. Some people I know managed to escape Denmark yesterday by way of Oslo in the very few hours that Norwegian airspace was open, but for many of us reroutes are not possible and priority on rescheduling is given to people returning home.

It is is a great shame that neither Venkat nor myself could make it to Collaborate 10. I for one was really looking forward to speaking and to meet old and newfound friends.
Rittman Mead as a company are in Las Vegas though; Mark flew out early to take a few days pre-conference vacation so was already in Vegas, our North American Managing Director, Stewart Bryson, arrived from Atlanta over the weekend, and Jon Mead swung by Las Vegas on a delayed journey back to the UK.

Mark started the week on Sunday with his OBIEE deep-dive, Stewart has a OWB hands-on session and both have regular conference slots too. I am talking with my colleagues and the conference organizers to see if there is a way that my talk on real-time can be presented - but even if it can't I will be writing about some of the aspects that I feel important here on the Rittman Mead Blog