Rittman Mead India - Call for very good Oracle BI Developers/Architects

As Mark mentioned in his blog posting a couple of weeks back, we now have an office in India. We now have a total of 3 people working out of our India office currently with myself overseeing the operations. Personally this has been a very exciting last 6 months. Exciting because i got an opportunity to see the various processes involved in setting up the office locally here. Apart from the paper work, the entire process of registering and setting up the india operations gave insights about how the legal/admin system actually works here (which has become a lot flexible these days which I never thought it would be when I started). When i joined Rittman Mead back in June 2009, we never had the idea of starting something locally here. But when myself, Mark & Jon met in Open World last year, we thought it made sense to start something in India for 3 main reasons

  1. There are quite a few talented good people here who have excellent knowledge about the end-to-end Oracle BI stack. In fact the 2 people whom we have hired now ,Ram Chaitanya and Jay Gandhi, are ex-Oracle like myself. Part of Oracle BI development happens locally here in India, and we thought it was ideal to hire talent with good knowledge whenever there is a good opportunity.

  2. We have been getting some work recently in areas that are outside of Europe and US, like training/consulting in India, South Africa, Singapore etc. To cater to such requirements, we thought it was ideal to have an office in India which could potentially be a hub for us to involve consultants on projects that originate outside of Europe and US. Also, we have been recently involved in a big Exadata & BI EE implementation for a retail client. We had people involved from all three of our offices( like Pete, Paul, Stewart & myself), and we found that it always helps to have people spread around the world covering the entire 24 hour spectrum (with potential overlap) even in a full life-cycle implementation.

  3. I have always wanted to involve myself in creating custom utilities/solutions for Oracle BI EE & EPM suites. Everyone in our company has an idea for what would be ideal for a custom utility that can help in faster deployment of Oracle BI, and we thought therefore that our India hub would be ideal to deliver such utilities.

Also whilst there is a bit of a cost advantage to having operations in India, good BI developers/architects always come at a premium irrespective of where they are based and we are therefore not really aiming at the offshore/outsourcing market with this venture. Our plan instead is to hire very good people in limited numbers and aim at the high-quality/expert end of the Oracle BI market with typically ex-Oracle staff within our team, working on our own projects as well as working with our operations in the UK and the USA.

Now that we have an office in India and if you are interested in joining us, do drop us a line at venkat@rittmanmead.com, and we will be glad to have technical discussions with you. If you are also an Oracle BI, DW or EPM customer looking for help on projects in the Asia-Pacific region, again we'll be pleased to hear from you and to let you know how we can help.

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