Update on the Oracle Press Book

A few people have been asking about progress on our Oracle Press OBIEE 11g book, so I thought I'd do an update.

I finally started writing the content of the book (provisional name : Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Developers Guide, published by Oracle Press) in January this year, as I wanted to spend a few months working with OBIEE 11g before starting to put the content together. The focus of the book is OBIEE 11g, and is aimed at developers, and systems administrators, working with the platform. It'll be around 900 - 1000 pages long, and the target "on the bookshelves" date is Q1 2012.

The book will have around fourteen chapters, and I'm delivering one a month to the publishers, with two per month over the summer (don't tell the family...), and here's the outline chapter list:

  1. Overview and Product Architecture
  2. Installation and Upgrades from OBIEE 10g
  3. Creating Repositories from Relational Sources
  4. Creating Repositories from OLAP Sources
  5. Creating Repositories from ADF, XML, In-Memory and Other Sources
  6. Configuring and Maintaining the Oracle BI Server
  7. Creating Analyses and Dashboards
  8. Actionable Intelligence
  9. Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management
  10. Creating Published Reports
  11. Security
  12. Systems Management
  13. High-Availability and Clustering
  14. Managing Change

We've got two excellent tech editors on board; Mike Durran from Oracle Product Development, and Venkat Janakiraman, who of course you'll know from the blog. Mike will also be pulling in various people from Oracle Product Development to help tech edit particular areas, and I'll also be getting assistance from the rest of the Rittman Mead team over the coming months.

So far, I've delivered the architecture chapter, which is now back from tech editing. I've also just delivered the RPD Modeling against Relational Sources chapter, which was a bit of a monster at around 90 pages, but of course you could write a whole book about RPD modeling if you wanted to, so the trick was trying to keep it reasonably concise, but cover all the hot topics such as federation plus all the new things in 11g. Next up are the chapters on modeling non-relational sources such as Essbase, and newer sources such as ADF and TimesTen, and then I'll go back to installation once the next patch release of OBIEE ( is out.

So, expect to see a few less blog posts from me over the coming months, as I focus primarily on getting the book written. I will still be doing my regular columns for Oracle Magazine, and the ODTUG Technical Journal, and of course Venkat and the team will still be posting technical articles to our website.

I'll update the blog, and my account on Twitter (@markrittman), as the book progresses, and so far although it's been hard work, it's also been fun. Thanks to Mike and Venkat so far on the tech editing, and here's looking towards Q1 2012 when the book should be available for purchase.