OBIEE 11g Statement of Direction for IBM Websphere

If you're wondering when OBIEE 11g will support application servers other than Oracle WebLogic, you might be interested in the IBM Websphere Application Server Support OBIEE Statement of Direction document that Oracle made available on My Oracle Support on Friday (Doc ID 1340702.1). As My Oracle Support is restricted to customers and partners with a support agreement, I'll paraphrase the document here:

  • Deploying OBIEE or on Websphere is not supported
  • Oracle's plans are to provide support for OBIEE 11g on Websphere from version
  • Installing on Websphere may involve some manual installation steps
  • If you do install on Websphere, you won't need WebLogic also running in the background somewhere
  • All end-user functionality will be available when running on Websphere, and you'll still use EM to manage OBIEE
  • You'll need to purchase your own Websphere license (OBIEE 11g comes with an embedded WebLogic license, so you'll effectively be paying twice for your application server, but then again, you're probably doing this because you own and use Websphere anyway)
  • Security will still be based on OPSS, but might differ a bit from WebLogic security
  • There will be migration instructions on how to port from WebLogic to Websphere if you already use OBIEE 11g but want to move across to Websphere when ships

There's no other news about porting to other JEE application servers, and I guess this is probably it in terms of covering the majority of customer Java environments. More details are on the My Oracle Support doc, which of course may change or time or be added to, so check there for the most up-to-date details.

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