Update on the OBIEE11g Book

If you're one of the people that are looking forward to the OBIEE 11g book I'm writing for Oracle Press, I thought you might be interested in an update.

After what seems to be an eternity, we're now entering the final stages of putting the content together. Some of you might remember that I actually proposed the book a few years ago, then we had to wait three years or so for OBIEE 11g, but the challenge now has been keeping up with the new releases and incorporating what's new into the book. Oracle have been very helpful over the past few months, and thanks in particular go to Mike Durran, who's one of the tech editors and has been my main contact within Oracle, and Balaji Yelamanchili, who heads up development for both BI & EPM and has been a great Oracle sponsor and advocate. Thanks also to all the other PMs who have provided assistance and of course to the Rittman Mead team who've given me the time and resources to get the book written.

So where we are now is that the book is being written for the release of OBIEE 11g that will be out next year, so we're covering topics such as Exalytics, new developments with the admin tool, the new visualizations that are coming along soon and so on. In fact the reason I've not been blogging for the past few months is that I'm primarily working with this future release but of course, under NDA, so you'll have to wait until the book comes out to see what I've been investigating. But I can promise you, there are some very exciting new developments coming along with OBIEE, and it'll be worth the wait.

The current chapter listing for the book is as follows, and it's likely to be around 1,100 pages long:

  1. OBIEE Overview and Product Architecture
  2. Installation and Upgrades from OBIEE 10g
  3. Creating Repositories from Relational Sources (updated for the forthcoming release, depending what makes it in)
  4. Creating Repositories from Essbase and Other OLAP Sources
  5. Creating Repositories from ADF, XML and File Sources
  6. Configuring and Maintaining the BI Server
  7. Creating Reports using Answers and Dashboards
  8. Actionable Intelligence
  9. Oracle Scorecard & Strategy Management
  10. Creating Published Reports
  11. Security
  12. Systems Management
  13. High-Availability, Clustering and Backup & Recovery
  14. Managing Change
  15. Oracle Exalytics BI Machine

The target date to get all the copy in is March 2012, with the book hopefully on the shelves around the summer. Mike Durran (Oracle) and Venkat Janankiraman (Rittman Mead) are the technical editors, and the book is being published by Oracle Press. In the meantime, I will try and post a few things to the blog, and keep an eye on my regular column for Oracle Magazine (available online, here).