Real-Time BI with Kevin & Stewart: New internet "talk show"

Kevin McGinley and myself have created a new internet talk show, airing on YouTube and Vimeo, called "Real-Time BI with Kevin & Stewart". Kevin, if you recall, is teaching the Master Class at the BI Forum this year, and I also interviewed him earlier this year about his role in leading the BI content committee at ODTUG Kscope 12.

The show really spawned out of Kevin's head, and as he mentions on the first episode, he had the idea of having an "Oracle BI Talk Show" in the vein of a sports talk show or a politics talk show. We finally delivered the first episode, complete with technical glitches, which I think Kevin edited with an interesting bit of humor. The show is available on YouTube or Vimeo, and I think it's a pretty good first take on what both of us had in mind for what we wanted to do. This episode has a theme on blogging and social media, so we invited Chet Justice of, and Christian Screen of, both of who have very active social personas in the Web 2.0 world.

We'll be doing this every month, with two different guests each month, and we anticipate having each show be themed with the guests driving the theme, or vice versa. So keep your eyes open for additional episodes, and I hear we're even coming to iTunes in the not-so-distant future.