ODTUG Kscope 2012 BI Track's Interactive Mad-Dash-Boards

Sorry to break in on Mark's Endeca series this week, but I wanted to give a quick update on some ODTUG Kscope 2012 news.

It's tradition at Kscope to follow the Monday Night Keynote presentation with a series of track-specific, fun-and-learning events that allow people to network and socialize with folks interested in the same technical content. This year, Kscope is lucky to have Cary Millsap present the Monday Night Keynote titled "Learning About Life Through Business and Software". I personally attended this presentation at both UKOUG and RMOUG, and I can tell you it is worth the price of admission. As excited as I am about seeing Cary's presentation again, I'm also excited about the BI Track's Monday Night event: BI's Interactive Mad-Dash-Boards. I'm on the BI Content committee this year, and it's been fun to see content chair Kevin McGinley work out the scheme for the Monday Night event, which is the first time the BI Track will have their own entry for the evening.

At Rittman Mead, we are confident that this maiden voyage will be a success, so we've decided to sponsor the event. There will be free snacks and free drinks (adult and otherwise), and all of the Rittman Mead presenters will be attending as well: Mark Rittman, Börkur Steingrímsson, Charles Elliott, Jordan Meyer, and of course myself. Content Chair Kevin McGinley will be MC'ing the event, so attendees will have a chance to meet many of the voices behind the BI content at Kscope.

So if you are joining us at Kscope this year (and you know you should be) and you are interested in the BI content, please join us at BI's Interactive Mad-Dash-Boards Monday night. And do yourself a favor... catch Cary Millsap's talk first... you'll be glad you did.