Rittman Mead Sponsored Oracle RTD Event

I've previously spoken on this blog about the fact that Oracle Real-Time Decisions customers do not want to speak about their successes and experiences with RTD.

Well for one day only (Wednesday 20th June), that's about to change.  Rittman Mead are sponsoring an RTD event that will be attended by a number of industry experts and customers.  In fact, there will be seven customers from major companies represented on the customer round table.  These customers are from the RTD Customer Advisory Board so they are the people with the most experience and understanding of how and where to use RTD.

Don't let the fact that this event is in Rome put you off, you can get there cheaply with the budget airlines, and Rome is not a bad place to spend some time!  As the event is in the afternoon, you could even travel there and back in a day.

Here's a link for more details: http://www.oracle.com/goto/RealTimeDecisions

If you require more information, please feel free to contact me: james.knight@rittmanmead.com