Downloading OBIEE patches from Oracle with wget

Last week saw the release of OBI BP1, and with it, some eight patches to download (seven OBIEE, plus one JDeveloper). A very useful option when downloading the patches, particularly if you are working on Linux servers with no GUI, is to download the patches with wget. This can also be good if your company has download policies that necessitate a third party downloading any external files.

The option for downloading via wget from Oracle Support is not immediately obvious, so here is how to do it, using the example of the patchset for OBI BP1 : 

First, you need to get a list of all the patches you want to download. Log into My Oracle Support (Flash version or HTML version), and click on Patches & Updates


Click on Product or Family (Advanced) and enter the following criteria to find the patches for OBIEE BP1: 

  • Product: Oracle Business Intelligence
  • Release: OBI EE
  • Platform: Linux x86-64
Also make sure you tick Include all products in a family.


Click on Search, and you should get a list of results including seven for the patchset we are interested in: 


Click on the first patch in the list, then press Shift and click on the last patch that we want. This will select all seven patches, and display a Download button. Click this button. NewImage

In the bottom left of the File Download window, you should see a link for WGET Options


Click on WGET Options and then on the Download .sh button in the following dialogue


Now open the file that was downloaded, and locate the lines for SSO_USERNAME and SSO_PASSWORD. Edit these with your My Oracle Support username and password - the username will default to the user that created the file.


Generated 7/2/12 7:46 AM

Start of user configurable variables

export LANG

SSO username and password

Set the script as executable: 

chmod u+x
and then execute it:
The script will write a corresponding wget.log with the output of the session, and if all is well you should see the patch files written to the current directory. If the files don't download, check the .log file for the cause.


Whilst My Oracle Support only lists seven patches for BP1 when you search using the method above, per Mark's article, you also need the patch for JDeveloper, 13952743.