Rittman Mead Video Interview on ODI12c New Features

If you’re a user of Oracle’s data integration products, you’re probably aware that ODI12c came out last month, with some of the new features covered in posts on the blog here, here and here. Rittman Mead were actually on the beta program for 12c, with several of our team attending preview events in the UK and USA at the start of the year, and then running preview releases back in our development labs as the product neared GA.

As CTO I sponged our involvement in the ODI12c beta program, and was invited down to Oracle’s offices in Reading to take part in an interview with Kulvinder Hari, Director Product Management - Fusion Middleware, to talk about our involvement in the program, and what we saw as the most interesting new features in this latest release. You can access the full video here, and I also talk about the wider data integration market, products such as GoldenGate and EDQ, and the benefits OWB customers will get when migrating to, and interoperating with, Oracle Data Integrator.


The interview was actually part of a wider set of activities around the ODI12c launch, and you read a recap of the Oracle GoldenGate 12c and Oracle Data Integration 12c Webcast on the Oracle website, as well as download resources on ODI12c from an oracle.com microsite. Keep an eye on the blog as well over the next few months, as we post more content on ODI12c along with the other new Oracle Data Integration 12c releases.odi