Rittman Mead at the Oracle Virtual Technology Summit 2014 - "The Architecture of Analytics: Big Time Big Data and Business Intelligence"

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be presenting at the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) Virtual Technology Summit, an online event running over three days in early July. I’m speaking as part of the Middleware track, entitled "The Architecture of Analytics: Big Time Big Data and Business Intelligence”, along with fellow Oracle ACE Director Kevin McGinley, US BI Forum keynote speaker Richard Tomlinson, and by Tom Plunkett, Lead Author of the Oracle Big Data Handbook. It’s free to attend, it’s running in three timezones over the three days, and here’s the track details and session abstracts:

The Architecture of Analytics: Big Data and Business Intelligence

"More than just another hyped-up technological buzzword,  Big Data represents a dramatic shift not just in the amount of data to be dealt with, but also in how business intelligence is extracted from that data in order to inform critical business decisions. This OTN Virtual Technology Summit track will present a solution architect’s perspective on how business intelligence products in Oracle’s Fusion Middleware family and beyond fit into an effective big data architecture, and present insight and expertise from Oracle ACE Directors specializing in business Intelligence to help you meet your big data business intelligence challenges. Technologies covered in this track include Oracle Big Data Appliance, Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, Oracle Endeca, Oracle Data Warehouse, and Oracle Big Data Connectors, along with Hadoop, Hive, NoSQL, and MapReduce."

Session Abstracts

1.Oracle Big Data Appliance Case Study: Using Big Data to Analyze Cancer-Genome Relationships [30:00]
by Tom Plunkett, Lead Author of the Oracle Big Data Handbook

This presentation takes a deep technical dive into the use of the Oracle Big Data Appliance in a project for the National Cancer Institute's Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research.  The Frederick National Laboratory and the Oracle team won several awards for analyzing relationships between genomes and cancer subtypes with big data, including the 2012 Government Big Data Solutions Award, the 2013 Excellence.Gov Finalist for Innovation, and the 2013 ComputerWorld Honors Laureate for Innovation.

2.Getting Value from Big Data Variety [30:00]
by Richard Tomlinson, Director, Product Management, Oracle

Big data variety implies big data complexity. Performing analytics on diverse data typically involves mashing up structured, semi-structured and unstructured content. So how can we do this effectively to get real value? How do we relate diverse content so we can start to analyze it? This session looks at how we approach this tricky problem using Endeca Information Discovery.

3.How To Leverage Your Investment In Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Within A Big Data Architecture [30:00]
By Oracle ACE Director Kevin McGinley

More and more organizations are realizing the value Big Data technologies contribute to the return on investment in Analytics.  But as an increasing variety of data types reside in different data stores, organizations are finding that a unified Analytics layer can help bridge the divide in modern data architectures.  This session will examine how you can enable Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) to play a role in a unified Analytics layer and the benefits and use cases for doing so.

4.Oracle Data Integrator 12c As Your Big Data Data Integration Hub [90:00]
by Oracle ACE Director Mark Rittman

Oracle Data Integrator 12c (ODI12c), as well as being able to integrate and transform data from application and database data sources, also has the ability to load, transform and orchestrate data loads to and from Big Data sources. In this session, we’ll look at ODI12c’s ability to load data from Hadoop, Hive, NoSQL and file sources, transform that data using Hive and MapReduce processing across the Hadoop cluster, and then bulk-load that data into an Oracle Data Warehouse using Oracle Big Data Connectors.

We will also look at how ODI12c enables ETL-offloading to a Hadoop cluster, with some tips and techniques on real-time capture into a Hadoop data reservoir and techniques and limitations when performing ETL on big data sources.

Registration is free, and the form for all three events is online here. Look out for a preview of my big data ETL on BDA session over the next five days, and hopefully you’ll be able to make the VTS event and hear me talk about it in-person.

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