Introducing the Rittman Mead OBIEE Performance Analytics Service

Introducing the Rittman Mead OBIEE Performance Analytics Service

Fix Your OBIEE Performance Problems Today

OBIEE is a powerful analytics tool that enables your users to make the most of the data in your organisation. Ensuring that expected response times are met is key to driving user uptake and successful user engagement with OBIEE.

Rittman Mead can help diagnose and resolve performance problems on your OBIEE system. Taking a holistic, full-stack view, we can help you deliver the best service to your users. Fast response times enable your users to do more with OBIEE, driving better engagement, higher satisfaction, and greater return on investment. We enable you to :

  • Create a positive user experience
  • Ensure OBIEE returns answers quickly
  • Empower your BI team to identify and resolve performance bottlenecks in real time

Rittman Mead Are The OBIEE Performance Experts

Rittman Mead have many years of experience in the full life cycle of data warehousing and analytical solutions, especially in the Oracle space. We know what it takes to design a good system, and to troubleshoot a problematic one.

We are firm believers in a practical and logical approach to performance analytics and optimisation. Eschewing the drunk man anti-method of ‘tuning’ configuration settings at random, we advocate making a clear diagnosis and baseline of performance problems before changing anything. Once a clear understanding of the situation is established, steps are taken in a controlled manner to implement and validate one change at a time.

Rittman Mead have spoken at conferences, produced videos, and written many blogs specifically on the subject of OBIEE Performance.

Performance Analytics is not a dark art. It is not the blind application of ‘best practices’ or ‘tuning’ configuration settings. It is the logical analysis of performance behaviour to accurately determine the issue(s) present, and the possible remedies for them.

Diagnose and Resolve OBIEE Performance Problems with Confidence

When you sign up for the Rittman Mead OBIEE Performance Analytics Service you get:

  1. On-site consultancy from one of our team of Performance experts, including Mark Rittman (Oracle ACE Director), and Robin Moffatt (Oracle ACE).
  2. A Performance Analysis Report to give you an assessment of the current performance and prioritised list of optimisation suggestions, which we can help you implement.
  3. Use of the Performance Analytics Dashboards to measure and analyse the behaviour of your system and correlate any poor response times with the metrics from the server and OBIEE itself.
  4. Training, which is vital for enabling your staff to deliver optimal OBIEE performance. We work with your staff to help them understand the good practices to be looking for in design and diagnostics. Training is based on formal courseware along with workshops based on examples from your OBIEE system where appropriate

Let Us Help You, Today!

Get in touch now to find out how we can help improve your OBIEE system’s performance. We offer a free, no-obligation sample of the Performance Analysis Report, built on YOUR data.

Don’t just call us when performance may already be problematic - we can help you assess your OBIEE system for optimal performance at all stages of the build process. Gaining a clear understanding of the performance profile of your system and any potential issues gives you the confidence and ability to understand any potential risks to the success of your project - before it gets too late.