New Performance Analytics Release

Poor performance is one of the most common complaints we hear upon arrival to customer sites, and often for good reason. When users have time to “make the rounds” before the system returns a result (if it returns a result at all), they have the right to be frustrated.

Unfortunately, tracking down the origins of performance issues can be extremely difficult, as the root cause could be one or more problems across several distinct systems. Without a comprehensive view of the complete technology stack, an administrator will effectively be guessing.

But we are all in the business of analytics. We should be taking an analytical approach to drive our decisions, and provide evidence to support them. Performance data should be collected, investigated, and then acted upon. But an analytical approach raises two distinct questions, “What data can we collect that will help us identify performance issues, and once found, what actions can we take”?

Enter Performance Analytics

Performance Analytics is an application that collects data from all layers of the stack in your environment, and makes it readily available for study and investigation. By collecting data from OBIEE Usage Tracking, operating system metrics, database sessions, and a myriad of other sources, our application provides administrators with an all-encompassing view of their system. It has never been easier to identify the causes of poor performance.

However, simply identifying a cause of poor performance isn’t all that’s required. In fact, it’s almost useless without knowing how to resolve the issue. Rittman Mead has expertise ranging from databases and data warehouses to front end browser applications, and everything in between. Our team will help you understand the problems discovered by Performance Analytics and show you how to fix them.

With the newest release of Performance Analytics, improving the performance of your BI ecosystem is easier than ever. No longer will your users sit around waiting for reports, no longer will you need to guess at configuration settings, and no longer will you be left with no leads to investigate when users desire a better experience.

New Features

Simple and Lightweight Installation

Performance Analytics is now deployed using Docker, requiring absolutely no software installation on any machine other than the monitoring server.

Upgraded and enhanced software.

The open source technologies included in Performance Analytics have come a long way since its inception, and this release provides their latest and greatest versions, as well as our own improvements that increase performance and reliability.

Alerts and Notifications.

Receive notifications based on failed OBIEE system components, a violated performance threshold, or any other identifiable condition found in your data. Be made aware of adverse performance conditions the instant they occur.
And many more...

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