Oracle Support Rewards

First of all, what is it?

Essentially, it’s a cashback scheme. For every Dollar, Pound, Yen, Euro you spend moving to OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure), Oracle will give you 25% off your annual support bill.

It’s a great incentive for cloud adoption and has the potential to wipe out your support bill completely.

How does it work?

Here’s an example: you decide to move your on-premise data warehouse, ETL, and OBIEE systems to Oracle Cloud.

Your total annual support for all your remaining Oracle on-premise software is £100,000. Your annual OCI Universal Credits spend is £100,000. Oracle will give you 25% of as Support Rewards, equating to £25,000.

You’ve just taken a quarter off your annual support bill. You’re a hero.

But wait!

You’re not finished yet, your E-Business Suite system is looking a bit dusty, ERP Cloud is the way forward, but getting the budget has been harder than expected.

Why not try again? The more you move the higher the reward, right…

You could offset the some of the cost of the move to ERP Cloud with the savings on your on-premise support costs.

Now you’ve wiped out the annual support bill completely. Legend territory!

Total Savings

Having the possibility to reduce your annual support spend by 100% is stunning, but in the drive for cloud adoption Oracle have gone further. The Support Rewards run alongside the current Volume Discount offer. This gives the potential of having a 50% total saving.

Support Rewards with OCI Volume Discounts

Now, if like me this is causing you to get rather excited feel free to get in contact. We can share our excitement and if applicable discuss some of the ways Rittman Mead can help you build your business case to modernise your product stack.