Rittman Mead - de Novo Partnership

Rittman Mead - de Novo Partnership

26th October 2022

On behalf of Rittman Mead I am delighted to announce the market disrupting partnership of de Novo - Rittman Mead.

Oracle is a large investment for any organisation and as such it needs to be done correctly. By combining forces this new partnership gives clients access to on shore specialists across Finance, HR, Data & Analytics.

I’ve been in the Oracle market in one way or another for 16 years and one story has remained consistent throughout. When a client has a large transformation programme they usually engage with a massive SI that promise the world, but in most cases fail to deliver on that promise.

In fact in the mid naughties it was more common to find a project running at 50% over budget and six months past the deadline than one that actually went as planned.

There’s always been a hunger to get true experts working in collaboration and we see this as the start of that journey.

Meet the Team

Rittman Mead

We’ve been a leader in the Oracle BI, Data & Analytics world for 15 years and believe successful organisations see data as an opportunity, not an overhead. Over that time, we’ve helped companies do exactly that, by partnering with companies we enable them to produce understandable content from their data and drive meaningful business change.

de Novo

A real A team in the world of Oracle Finance and HR. With hundreds of hours of transformation work under their belts for clients from SMB to Enterprise. de Novo not only understand the practicalities of a great Oracle transformation they have the departmental knowledge to make sure your Finance and HR teams are listened to and included in the creation of world class solution.

With the uncertainties facing everyone over the next 12 to 18 months there has never been a more business critical time to do projects correctly from day one, Rittman Mead and de Novo not only offer a true best in breed team, built with the top 10% of consultants in their respective niches. They deliver a real client - consultancy partnership.

For additional information please feel free to contact;

Oliver Matthews - Business Development - Rittman Mead

[email protected]

+44 (0) 7766060749

Michelle Clelland - Marketing Experience Lead - de Novo Solutions

[email protected]

+44 (0) 1633492042