Oracle Analytics Server (OAS) 2023 Update

Oracle Analytics Server (OAS) 2023 Update

The latest version of Oracle Analytics Server OAS 2023 has just been released, which supersedes OAS v6.4.

This week in the Rittman Mead R&D lab we’ve found the missing download files, collated a list of associated patches and developed a blueprint for an in-place and out-of-place upgrade.

New features mainly affect the Data Visualization tool and involve the full process flow, from the data preparation to the data presentation, including visualizations, machine learning and administration improvements. However, this does not mean that Analytics (Classic) and Publisher users will not benefit from an upgrade: DV datasets, leveraging all new features, can be effectively used as source for analyses and published reports.

Some of the new features include a new content management page, integration with OCI Functions and Vision AI, improvements in datasets with multiple tables, and parameters. Read the full Oracle documentation.

If you need any help planning or doing your upgrade, please contact us at [email protected]

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