Webinars 2023

Webinars 2023

We are proud to offer a series of free topical webinars which cover a variety of Data Engineering, Data Analytics and Data Science skills. Our team of consultants have prepared a series of interesting and engaging webinars to share their wisdom and experience for all data enthusiasts, business analysts and IT professionals.

All our Webinars will be hosted via Zoom and will last up to 45 mins with a short Q&A to close.

Simply follow the links below to register with a company email address and watch live.

Discover the latest webinars from the team at Rittman Mead below.

Webinar Listings for 2023:

Oracle APEX Universal Theme: Uncovering its Hidden Features

11am (BST) Thursday June 8th 2023   (Free to attend)

Lucas Hirschegger & Petar Simic

Please join us for an upcoming webinar hosted by Rittman Mead, a leading data and analytics company, presented by Petar Simic and Lucas Hirschegger from the APEX team. In this session, we will explore the hidden features of Oracle APEX’s Universal Theme, revealing their untapped potential and demonstrating how they can be used to enhance the look and feel of applications.

In the current era of cross-device web applications, the importance of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) cannot be overlooked. Developers may not necessarily possess extensive design expertise and encouraging the creation of bespoke UI design is a potentially dangerous approach.

At Rittman Mead, the APEX team's good practice is to maximise the utilisation of native functionality. This approach streamlines the development cycle, adds consistency to UI design and greatly simplifies the long-term maintenance and support of your applications.

By leveraging Oracle's Universal Theme to its fullest extent, developers gain access to powerful design capabilities that enable them to create visually captivating and user-friendly applications across multiple platforms.

In this session, we will highlight the lesser-known native functionality of the Universal Theme. We will dive into the versatility of CSS Grid, enabling you to create dynamic and responsive layouts. Additionally, we'll explore the predefined classes and utility functions that can streamline your styling workflow and more.

These topics, along with other valuable insights will provide you with the extra web development skills needed to turn your applications into mini works of art!

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Turning Data Into Value - Part 1 : Building Streaming Pipelines with Oracle OCI Queue and Oracle OCI Functions Using Python for Real-Time Data Processing

June 2023  

In the era of real-time data processing, streaming pipelines have become essential for handling continuous data streams and extracting valuable insights. This webinar provides an overview of building streaming pipelines using the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Queue service in conjunction with Oracle OCI Functions, leveraging Python for seamless integration. We explore the fundamental concepts, key components, and integration techniques required to harness the power of OCI Queue and OCI Functions in real-time data processing scenarios.