OBIEE 12c Bootcamp

Course Overview

Our OBIEE 12c Bootcamp course covers everything you need to know to develop a reporting and dashboards system from scratch, including new features such as Visual Analyser and data-mashups. It assumes no prior knowledge up-front, but for users of earlier versions it also covers the upgrade process and key differences from the 11g version.

The course starts by covering basic reporting, dashboards and analysis including use of the new Visual Analyser tool; then, the focus moves onto the data and repository layer showing you how to create an BI Repository (RPD) against both transactional and data warehouse databases. The final day of the course covers systems management including the new Baseline Validation Tool, and takes attendees through OBIEE 12c underlying architecture including security and the installation process.

Who Should Attend

Developers, Consultants, Project Managers, Tech Leads, and DBAs

Previous Knowledge

None Required


5 Days


What Our Customers Say

Course Agenda

Overview and New Features

  • Product Overview
  • Key Components
  • Product Demo
  • Dataset Overview
  • Agenda

Creating Analyses

  • Dashboard Overview
  • Web Catalog
  • Creating Analyses using Answers
  • Create Reusable Calculations in Answers
  • Global Variables
  • Analysis Prompts
  • Filtering Data
  • Hierarchical Columns
  • Choosing the Right Visualization
  • Conditional Formatting

Creating Dashboards

  • Create Dashboards
  • Dashboard Prompts
  • Dashboards & Analyses Interaction
  • Presentation Variables

Actionable Intelligence

  • What is Actionable Intelligence
  • Type of Actions
  • Navigation Actions
  • Action Links
  • Agents and Alerts
  • Conditions

Creating Analyses

  • Visual Analyzer
  • BI Ask
  • Data Mashups

Introduction to RPD Modeling

  • Physical Layer
  • Aliases
  • Business Layer
  • Facts and Dimensions
  • Logical Table Source
  • Hierarchies (including Parent-Child, Ragged, and Skip-Level Hierarchies)
  • Basic Calculations
  • Presentation Layer
  • Offline / Online Development

Advanced RPD Modeling

  • Time-Series Calculations
  • Horizontal & Vertical Federation
  • Fragmentation
  • Server Variables
  • Row-Level Security

Architecture and Installation (Including Upgrades)

  • Architecture
  • Changes in the Architecture and Directory Structure
  • Installation Process
  • Upgrading from 11g


  • WebLogic Users and Groups
  • WebLogic Providers
  • OEM Roles and Policies
  • Presentation Services Administration
  • Catalog Security
  • Presentation Layer Security

Systems Management

  • Overview of System Administration
  • Starting / Stopping Services
  • Deployments and Environment Migration
  • Baseline Validation Tool
  • Basic Monitoring
  • Usage Tracking
  • Query Caching