ODI 12c Bootcamp

Course Overview

From setting up the topology through to creating mapping, packages and load plans, this course features modules and labs covering many aspects of ODI 12c functionality. As with all of our courses, we bring our trainer to you and teach all of your team, together, how to make the most of Oracle's premier data integration tool, with one of our experienced consultants leading the sessions and sharing their project experience.

Who Should Attend

Developers, Consultants, Project Managers, Tech Leads, and DBAs

Previous Knowledge

None Required


4 Days


What Our Customers Say

Course Agenda

  • Getting Started with ODI 12c
  • ODI Topology
  • ODI Projects
  • Models and Datastores
  • Data Quality in a Model
  • Introduction to ODI Mappings
  • ODI Procedures, Variables, Sequences, and User Functions
  • Advanced ODI Mappings
  • ODI Packages
  • Scenarios in ODI
  • ODI Load Plans
  • The ODI Debugger
  • ODI 12c Architecture and Installation
  • Change Data Capture in ODI
  • Integration with Oracle GoldenGate
  • Scheduling in ODI
  • Versioning ODI Objects
  • ODI Security