Open Source Projects

At Rittman Mead we pride ourselves in our sharing of knowledge with the BI/DI community, both 'offline' at conferences and online through our blog. We are excited to extend this further, with the release into open-source of some of our most useful code projects.

You can read about these projects below or on our blog. All of the projects are available for free download on our GitHub repository.


A customisable framework for building visualisations and dashboards, using OBIEE as the back-end. This javascript web application offers a modern alternative to OBIEE Answers.

Visual Plugin Pack

Rittman Mead's Visual Plugin Pack deploys D3.js, Highcharts, and other JavaScript libraries to give users ultimate power over how their data is presented, making insight that much easier to gain.

Enhanced Usage Tracking

Enhanced Usage Tracking enables the collection and parsing of every click a user makes in OBIEE.