Learn How Our Partners Help Us Carry Our Mission

Oracle Corporation is Rittman Mead’s primary partner. We work closely with their sales and product development teams to deliver world-class Oracle solutions for our customers. Our consulting team is led by an Oracle ACE Director, and three Oracle ACEs, and we participate in Oracle programs such as the Oracle Partner Network, various product Beta programs and advisory panels for Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle Database, and Oracle Data Integration. Almost all of our customer engagements have Oracle technology at their core, complemented where appropriate with products and technologies from our other partners.

Rittman Mead is a Cloudera Silver Partner. We specialise in engagements where Cloudera technology is deployed alongside Oracle products such as Oracle Big Data Appliance, Oracle Business Intelligence, and Oracle Database Advanced Analytics Option. We work with their partner program and development teams to incorporate Cloudera Hadoop technology into our “big data” and “advanced analytics” projects, for example, delivering R-based statistical analysis on the Cloudera Hadoop platform, and offloading ETL processing to Hadoop in combination with Oracle Data Integrator.

Rittman Mead is also an Amazon Web Services Standard Partner. We use their services to deploy development and production customer platforms to Amazon’s industry-leading public cloud platform, using VPC (Virtual Private Cloud). Our skills include use of Amazon Relational Database Services (RDS) for hosting Oracle and other databases in the cloud, along with Amazon Redshift and Amazon Elastic MapReduce for AWS-native data storage and processing. For data loading into AWS, we use Oracle GoldenGate, along with tools such as Attunity Cloudbeam, for secure incremental load into and out of this and other public clouds.